Missions of Legend Travel Group


Our missions:


Legend Travel Group is a leading travel company in Southeast Asia that is dedicated to providing unique and memorable travel experiences to its customers. With a deep passion for travel and adventure, the company was founded with the mission of making the beauty and wonder of Vietnam accessible to people from all over the world. Today, Legend Travel Group offers a wide range of travel services across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar, and welcomes approximately 15,000 travelers annually. The company's mission is to ensure that every customer has an unforgettable and well worth travel experience, and that the local communities benefit from its activities. Legend Travel Group's commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism is reflected in its various social and environmental initiatives, which aim to improve the lives of local people and preserve the natural beauty of the region for future generations:


1. Providing timeless vacations and travel experiences throughout Southeast Asia

2. Ensuring customer satisfaction and prioritizing their memorable moments

3. Maintaining a reputation as a leading and unique travel company

4. Honoring valued customers and business partners for contributing to the company's success

5. Offering tours to a diverse range of countries in Southeast Asia

6. Offering high-quality and well-planned tour packages to customers

7. Employing highly trained and experienced professionals in the tourism industry

8. Collaborating with local communities to support and improve their economies

9. Providing sustainable and responsible tourism practices

10. Supporting and promoting cultural awareness and preservation in the destinations we operate in.