Mighty Myanmar, mainland South East Asia’s largest country and recently opened to the global traveller community is a must visit right now as the majority of the country remains unspoilt and untouched by the throngs of backpackers other destinations such as Thailand are used to.


This stunningly beautiful country allows you to encounter meandering monks and soar high above magnificent temples in your hot air balloon.


Be able to say that you visited the great Myanmar when it was authentic and untouched



Myanmar is the largest country in mainland South East Asia

Buddha me up

89% of the local population is Buddhist

Computer says no..

Bring USD in cash to Myanmar as most international cards are regularly not accepted







Hello: min-ga-la-ba

Thank you : cè-zù tin-ba-deh


Myanmar’s climate is distinguished between extremely hot and monsoon season. The best time to visit is to try and catch the weather on the turn.


As Myanmar opens up to the world so does its airport connections. In addition travelers commonly use internal flights to travel from one main destination to the other.


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Weather in Myanmar

Myanmar’s climate is distinguished between extremely hot and monsoon season. The best time to visit is to try and catch the weather on the turn. After the rain subsides and before the stifling heat hits.


May – October: Monsoon season where travel can become difficult and some roads washed away


November – February: Heat is not too intense, comfortable to explore


March – May: Prepare to sweat! The country is very hot with daily temperatures exceeding 40℃/ 104℉


Top tip: Horse and carriages are still a very popular mode of transport in regional areas of Myanmar. Ensure that you barter before you accept a ride.


Getting Around Myanmar

Myanmar is one of Asia’s least developed countries when it comes to tourism. However that doesn’t necessarily mean the transport is an issue and the country is rapidly approaching an influx of tourism

Plane: Multiple airlines ferry passengers in and out of the country. Budget is an option for those wanting to visit more South East Asian countries during their journey.

Buses: These vary depending on the route which you take and also the condition of the road. The monsoon season may affect the schedule. Most tourist buses are reasonably comfortable and generally cheap. If you want to save money you can book an overnight bus saving on accommodation.

Taxis: Can be expensive, always ensure that you negotiate before entering the vehicle as you do not want any nasty surprises.


Top Top: The Burmese really appreciate a few learned sentences in their local language. Spend a few moments learning it at the beginning of your trip and it shall go a long way.


Health and Safety

Due to such a strong Buddhist influence in beautiful Burma the country is relatively safe even for the solo female traveller.

Myanmars past still haunts certain areas with landmines still being present. Ensure you avoid these areas at all costs and do not wander accidentally into these zones.

Also due to its Buddhist influences tattoos of the Buddha may cause offence so to respect the local culture we recommend that you keep this covered up.


Visa Information:

Please check with your local embassy with regards to your visa requirements.

The majority of visa’s obtained by tourists are single entry and last for 28 days.


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