Laos is generally visited in combination with one of its mighty neighbours, however this landlocked nation is worth a detour and even a visit as a destination in its own right.


Compared to other countries within South East Asia Laos appears to the naked eye as almost backwards, it has long been isolated from the rest of the world. However this perceived backwardness gives way to what life might of been like in this region of the world before it opened their doors to the throngs of backpackers.


In the land of Laos it is easy to journey off the beaten route and grab a taste of true regional Asia.


Also known as...

The official name of Laos since 1975 is Lao People’s Democratic Republic


Laos is home to South East Asia’s largest waterfall, Khone Papeng

Shop till you drop

Laos generally accepts when shopping, Thai Baht, USD and the local Lao Kip



Lao Kip, also accepts Thai Baht and USD 




Hello: Sabaai-dii      

Thank you: Khawp jai 


Split into 4 seasons Nov-Jan is the best time to visit Laos where you can explore in relative comfort and enjoy the rich landscape colors


Laos have an extensive number of airline connections both internationally and domestic. This can also be a cheap and viable option for internal traveling


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Weather in Laos

November – January: Best time to visit. Temperatures are comfortable, pastures and countryside rich with colour. However make sure you come prepared for the elevated areas if you are heading that way. Temperatures there can be significantly cooler


February – April: Rising heat means this can be an uncomfortable time of year to visit. In addition the yearly harvest of crop using fire in March leads to a smokey limited visibility atmosphere.


May – September: Rainy season. Some roads become impassable but some rivers swell and become transport hubs.


October: Rain starts to clear giving way to the more temperate climate enjoyed in November


Getting Around Laos


Boat – An experience in itself Laos has a vast network of destinations which you are able to reach by boat.


Car – Budget dependant you are able to privately hire a car and driver which enables you to see the country at your whim


Bus – Connecting the main cities this is a good option for the budget traveller


Health and Safety


Laos is generally safe for the tourist including solo female travellers however there are a things things you have to be cautious and conscious of when in the country.


Petty crime is an issue with phones and purses being snatched. Always remain vigilant and keep you possessions in a safe area and not on display.


Government agencies have recommended not leaving your passport if you are renting a motorbike. There have been a number of cases where the bike is tracked and taken/damaged before the passport being held for ransom.


Land mined areas exist in Laos and each year around 50 people die in explosions. Ensure that you avoid the danger zones.


Visa Information:


Please check with your local embassy with regards to your visa requirements.


The majority of visa’s obtained by tourists last for 30 days and cost between $30 and $42


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