Tokyo chefs - with their carefulness, have received more than 220 Michellin Stars for mixing up the taste of the old Japan and new modern style. The restaurants in Tokyo are also famous for using freshest vegetable in the world! At last, everybody knows an old quote: "Japan Quality"!


Tokyo, Japan   2. Hanoi, Vietnam   3. New York, U.S.A   4. Bangkok, Thailand   5. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico   6. Paris, France 7. Chennai, India 8. Bologna, Italy

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And this is what we're waiting for - The King of Skull Island!

How Vietnam looks like on movies!

In Vietnam, we have an old quote: “Art is just like the moonlight”. While people consider movies as a kind of arts, and television as real life, let’s find out what’s different! Are you being lied by the photographers?   Kong – Skull Island An upcoming Hollywood “bomb” with “Loki” Tom Hiddleston was filmed in […]

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The most crowded, noisy and funniest city of Vietnam!

[VIETNAM] Which city is this?

We hold a small game for people who have visited Vietnam or deeply understood our small S-shaped country. We give you some pictures taken from a hotel window in Vietnam, also with some suggestions about the place. Can you guess which city is this? The gift for this game will be announced soon!    

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cambodiapackagetravel - vietnam & cambodia biking tour

[PHOTO GALLERY] Why Vietnam could make all tourists become BIKING LOVERS ???

You get tired of your hometown skyscrapers? Why don’t you get tickets to somewhere more natural? Riding through fields, mountains and even forests to enjoy the fresh air and nature beauty! Let’s take a look at the pictures below!   This is some words from Dave – an American bike tourist in Vietnam: “I have […]

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ve-dep-chuan-10-cua-phu-nu-viet-nam-dau-the-ky-20 (12)

With no Korean beauty techniques, Vietnamese women were that beautiful with black teeth and “yem dao”(undergarment)

Do you love to see a young beautiful  lady, wearing a red-champagne color dress,  smiling at you, with her teeth whitened by Korean beauty techniques? Well, most of the answer may be yes. Since smile is a symbol of friendliness, appreciation and joy, we have daily-updated techniques to strengthen the ability of a charming smile, […]

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The traditional dishes on Tet Holiday.

7 National Dishes of Vietnam on Lunar New Year

Gone through a long history, the new year dishes have been taught by grandmothers to daughters, granddaughters, etc. to maintain the identity of Vietnam. Let’s find out the Tet Cuisine in Vietnam with the most typical dishes which bring to every home the Lunar New Year’s atmosphere.   Banh Chung (Chung Cake) This cake has […]

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As a Hanoi citizen, i meet a lot of foreigners everyday and very curious about the reason why they choose to visit my “grumpy girl” Hanoi? Well, after few years of collecting information, i know that most of them are the French and American old soldiers fighting in Vietnam in the 40s and 70s of […]

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Christmas atmosphere in Vietnam!

Let me take you around to see what’s now happening in Vietnam? What are people preparing for Christmas? Start with Ho Chi Minh City first. In comparison with Hanoi or other city, most of Vietnamese Christian living in Sai Gon, that’s why this city is always more bustle in this special occasion. But when the […]

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It's Kayaking time !


You miss the time when you were young and wild and free? You and your friends travel with some dollars and pennies, rent a cheap homestay or even stay awake through the night in some 24/7 store to save money for the next breakfast, enjoy a meal at any street vendors, etc. Sorry, that time’s […]

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10 Pictures that make you scream out: ONLY IN VIETNAM !!!

Each country has its own culture. I will tell you a story about unique Vietnam!  

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