Phu Quoc Travel Guide

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  • Fringe with nice white sandy beaches and tropical jungle which bring tourists a sweet and romantic feeling
  • A must see beach in Vietnam for blue sea water and great for sun rise on the beach
  • Discover the untouched charms on the island with the beaches and dive on the reefs to discover more the marine life
  • Have chance to visit pepper garden, fish sauce factory and see local fisherman raise pearl at pearl farm
  • Try the sealife at night with squid fishing and enjoy BBQ on boat is one of the activities visitors should join once visit Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc is an island and known for its resorts and beautiful white sand beaches. There are also beautiful mountains and forests which are popular for hiking, motor biking and beautiful wildlife views. Phu Quoc Travel Guide provides the complete information about the different places of the Phu Quoc to the visitors.

There are many beaches and bays which give different views to the visitors. Some of the beaches have white sand and some have yellow. The interior of the island is covered by the forests and there is also some fishing village which give sufficient environment for the enjoyment of the trip to Phu Quoc.

The weather of the Phu Quoc remains dry from April to June and rainy from July to October. So the ideal time for a visit to Phu Quoc is from November to March.

It will be wonderful for the visitors to sit in a hammock and look at the island. The sparkling cobalt sea with squeaking white sand gives an aesthetic view to everyone.

The visitors can experience the wonderful scenery of Phu Quoc by taking a drive around the beautiful island. The roads of the place are much wide everyone can access anything very easily by going through the roads. The island is well developed and the visitors can easily access Wi-Fi. There is plenty of room for escaping and exploring. Kayak in the bays, dive the ridges and dining of fresh seafood give an extra charm to the visit of Phu Quoc.

The main source of earning for the locals is sea. Phu Quoc is also famous in Vietnam for its production of the best quality of fish sauce. The tear shaped island is at the distance of 45 km from Ha Tien. It is a part of Mekong delta. Black pepper is the most valuable crop of the island. The main source of the locals is sea.

The island is also known for the hunting dogs that have curly tails, blue tongues, and ridgebacks. They are the most muscular and energetic and have the ability to scent from 1 km.

Phu Quong Island also has several cultural and historic sites that is visited by the most of the people. There are many Buddhist temples which give the sign of the religion which is practiced by the people of Vietnamese. Sung Hung Pagoda is the most famous pagoda of the island. The pagoda is surrounded by the large number of trees which are very old. The visitors can experience the peaceful environment under the ancient banyan trees. A statue of Buddha is placed on the highest slab of the main hall. There is also a small lotus pond at the center of the courtyard and the statue of the goddess Quan Am Bo Tat is placed in it.

Cua Temple is one of the most famous attractions of Phu Quoc. Temple is located at the entrance of the Duong Dong River. Dinh Cua Rock is a combination of lighthouse and the temple. It was dedicated to Thien Hau that provide shield to the vessels and fisherman. The sunset view of the place is wonderful. Phu Quoc Travel Guide can help everyone to plan their trip to Phu Quoc.


  • Have a nigh squid fishing on boat and have a BBQ to get the sea life experience fantastically
  • Make a trip to the South Island to experience local activities of fish sauce factory, pepper garden, pearl farm
  • Enjoy the wonderful feeling while relaxing on paradise beach with fresh air and wild on luxury resort
  • Taste seafood and special food on the island is the must take once visiting this island beside have a snorkeling or diving
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