Nha Trang Travel Guide



  • Get the fantastic Nha Trang bay with islands with marine life values which are wonderful for discovery by snorkeling, diving the magnificent coral reefs
  • Enjoy the great atmosphere at this famous beach city with lovely white sands, clear skies, crystal blue sea with sunny weather mostly all year round
  • Get your excellent experience of sea bathing, fishing on the bay with the pristine and poetic beauty
  • Give the excellent views of Nha Trang beach while staying at luxury hotels along Tran Phu street
  • Offer the relaxing by mud bathing at Thap Ba Hot Spring which give visitors
  • Wonderful for tasting seafood, especially “yến sào” called salangane, “nhím biển” called sea-chesnut, etc


Nha Trang is one of the famous cities of Vietnam. The famous coastline resort town is the best tourist’s destination. Everyone can easily reach the town such as by bus, by plane or by their own cars. Nha Trang Travel Guide provides any type of information regarding any place of Nha Trang to the visitors.

The town has many beach destinations where the visitors can enjoy many fun activities. The crystal clear water of the sea looks very charming in the sunlight. Everyone can see the stunning beauty of these sandy beaches. The months from October to December are full of rain, so avoid your trip to Nha Trang in these months. There are also many parks at the front of the beaches and visitors can enjoy by visiting these parks. The visitors can enjoy by doing different activities like shooting, playing football and cocktails etc. Area of the beaches is perfect for scuba diving. The place is also called as the center of scuba diving in Vietnam.

It will be wonderful to everyone to visit a waterfall during their trip. Ba Ho waterfall is the famous waterfall of Nha Trang. The visitors can see the breathtaking view of Ninh Van Bay and can feel of cool breeze at the coastline. There are also some pools with cold and crystal clear water under the waterfall. The visitors can enjoy by taking a bath in the cool water of the ponds if they feel hot sweaty and hot.

There are several restaurants in Nha Trang, this will give a wide range of choices to the visitors. All the restaurants of Nha Trang offer the best dishes of Vietnam and everyone can enjoy by eating these delicious food items. The people of the town love parties and the nightlife of the locals is very interesting. There are so many disco, clubs, cafes and bars which give the best enjoy of drinks and dances. They offer the great live music to the locals and the visitors. The visitors can enjoy their nights by going these bars and discos.

Po Nagar Cham towers are beautiful and visited by the most of the visitors. There are four towers which give a charming and beautiful view to the visitors. The architecture and art style of the towers is really remarkable. The visitors can also find hundreds of old leftovers which are showed inside the complex. The visitors can also watch the traditional dance shows of the people which represent the cham culture. The towers give a fantastic view of the village on the riverside and it will be amazing for everyone to take photographs at this place.

The Vinpearl amusement is very beautiful and everyone should go to see this park. There are extreme exciting games in the park. There is also an amphitheatre where the visitors can enjoy the musical performances related to the different cultures with astonishing laser lights. The event hall gives a wonderful view of modern lighting and audio appliances. There is also food village which provide large variety of food items and visitors can enjoy a lot by visiting the park.

Nha Trang is a wonderful destination for the visitors and Nha Trang Travel Guide give the information about every place of Nha Trang.


  • Shopping is one of the famous activities in Nha Trang and taste great seafood
  • Nha Trang’s beach is the perfect for relaxing, scuba diving and laying around on the sun
  • Have a full day city tour for sightseeing including Pagodas and Khanh Hoa Museum. The National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam, swimming and take an enjoyment for viewing the exotic wildlife
  • Take a boat trip on Nha Trang bay to discover the beauties at four islands and discover more fish as well as coral reefs snorkeling
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