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  • Discover the beautiful and peaceful countryside at Mai Chau – a hot tourist destination in Northwest Vietnam
  • Have chance to discover the rural life nearby Hanoi city – the residence of a small Muong ethnic village where still remains their native lifestyle and culture.
  • Walk around the village to enjoy the life and absorb the fresh atmosphere with the surrounding scenery. It is a wonderful experience to visit some very friendly local families to learn about their daily life.


The small town of Mai Chau is a beautiful destination for the tourists. This place is perfect for hiking and biking. The stunning scenery of Mai Chau attracts the most of the visitors. Mai Chau Travel Guide helps everyone to plan their trip to Mai Chau. The breathtaking valley of Mai Chau is surrounded by the lush paddy fields. The theatrical ring of hills gives a thrilling view of the visit. The brightly painted houses of Mai Chau look very beautiful. The paddy fields and bamboo stilt houses give an excellent view to the visitors.

The colourful culture fo the Thai people and fresh nature of Mai Chau attracts the most of the foreign tourists. There are many villages such as Sam Khoe, Pom Koong, Lac Village and Hanoi these places consists so many beautiful views that are fairly good for the visitors.
A visit to Kia Pa Ko can be accessed by the motorbike or by foot. The roads of the valley are not in very good conditions. It is a heavenly valley in Mai Chau and visited by the most of the visitors. The visitors have to drive 50 km from Mai Chau for Kia Pa Ko.

The Ma River of Mai Chau is an attraction for the most of the tourists. The visitors enjoy the beautiful environment of the place by sitting around the bank of the river. Visitors can also enjoy the boat ride of the river.

Mai Chau is the habitant of white thai ethnic people. People of the region usually wear the traditional dresses of Vietnam. A meeting with the ethnic minority groups is really interesting for the visitors. The peaceful and relaxing environment makes Mai Chau a memorable place to spend their holidays in Vietnam.

The market place is the best for a visit in Mai Chau. The market contains so many things that the visitors can take them at their homes as the remembrance of the visit. The market remains full with the locals on Sunday. Most of the tourists come to visit the market at the weekend.

The visitors can stay in the hotel or in the homestay. Homestays allow the visitors to spend their time with the locals. This will give the best enjoy of the trip. Homestays serve dinner and breakfast to the visitors. The different items of breakfast are fruit, bread and jam. In the dinner various home cooked dishes are served to the tourists.

The evening environment of Mai Chau is beautiful to everyone. People spend their evening by drinking beers in their homestays. The local people also invite the visitors and offer exotic rice wines which also contain goat testicles. The locals also arrange some traditional dance shows in the evening for the entertainment of the visitors.

The visitors can explore the beauty of the place. It is not difficult to anyone to approach this beautiful village. Everyone can reach their by the local buses. Once you reach at My Dinh bus station after that you can get regular buses to Mai Chau.

Everyone can plan their visit to Mai ChauMai Chau Travel Guide is always with you to provide any type of information regarding the places of Mai Chau.


  • Make an overnight trip and have a chance to enrich your experience at Mai Chau eco-tourism where you can see minority people live in upper floor of the traditional wooden houses while keeping their animals in the lower floor.
  • Have a homestay trip in Mai Chau to experience overnight on stilthouse and know more of local culture of minority groups of White Thai, H’mong, Zao, Muong, Tay, Hoa and Viet.
  • Enjoy the most splendid vista of Mai Chau valley surrounded by lush greens as picturesque of rice fields and if travel this ear on Sunday, markets will bring a lot of people to discover their customs and traditional dishes and dances
  • Make a cycling around the villages through a sea of green rice and admire the peaceful atmosphere the valley and surroundings,

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