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  • Shouldn’t miss the street foods and cooking class in Hoian to get the experience of traditional foods and local cultures as well as meet and talk with street venders will be a great moment for your Vietnam trip
  • Discover the poetic scenery of ancient town, river life and nice sandy beaches that give visitors new experiences
  • See more of culture and architectures at old houses, pagodas, temples in Old Town which bring you back the past with original houses still keep here
  • Experience the hobby of shopping and make tailor with reasonable for your pocket. Within a short time, visitors can have beautiful dress, suits, T-shirt as your wish
  • Touch the natural life and wild sandy beach plus the snorkeling and diving to see coral reefs and marine life at Cham Island


Hoi An city is well known for its tourists destinations in Vietnam. Hoi An city is famous for its ancient culture and the peaceful environment. The diverse culture and architecture illustrates the beauty and authenticity of the Vietnam city. Hoi An Travel Guide can escort the visitor across the colourful streets of Hoi An to experience the eclectic food and rich wealthy culture of the place.

Hoi An is a home of many temples and pagodas. The ancient Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Cham Island, Old House of Tan Ky, Traditional Art Performance Theatre, Quan Cong Temple are the famous destinations. Hoi An travel guide helps you to provide the information about all the famous places of Vietnam.

Walking around the Hoi An, visitors are mostly attracted by the ancient old towns. The traditional art performance theatre is well known for the endeavour live performances done by Vietnamese. Tourists are fascinated by the intricate designs on their costumes, impressed by the facial expressions of folk dancers and folk music players. The music, dance, costumes and instruments complements about their traditions that exist everywhere in Hoi An. Dan bau; a one-stringed musical instrument is famous for its appealing sound.

My Son sanctuary is located in My Son village. It is renowned as world cultural heritage site. It is a holy land known for its architectural style of temples in Hoi An. The rich culture and architecture of the temples is very beautiful and attract millions of tourist to this place every year. Hoi An Travel Guide can provide the complete guidance to your trip in Hoi An.

Kim Bong Carpentry Village is the best tourist attraction of Hoi An. Everyone can see the great skilful work done by the artists on the crafts. There are so many things in the village to see the religious statue, finely crafted wooden doors and beautiful wooden fishing vessels. It is well known for its mind- blowing furniture work

Cham Island is an ideal destination in Hoi An. It is a group of 8 small islands endowed with the marvellous topography of mountain slopes. It is a perfect place for enjoying water sports like swimming, sunbathing, water skiing, paragliding, scuba diving, boat racing. A visit to this island will give an amazing view of beautiful marine life with a number of colourful fishes, lobsters and mollusks. Plan your trip with Hoi An Travel guide and enjoy the visit to Cham Island.

Tan Ky house is located in the Old Quarter of Hoi An ancient town. It is the oldest and well- preserved house in Hoi An. It is beautifully decorated with grapes leaves, jack-fruit trees and    ironwood. Chinese poems are written on the panels and roof of the house is made of tiles and the wooden gallery brings the glimpse of nature into the house. This house is lovingly preserved by the seven generations.

Hoi An Travel Guide can provide the complete guidance to your trip in Hoi An. It helps you to provide the information about all the famous places of Vietnam.


  • Have a cooking class experience as well as street foods tour to taste special Vietnam traditional foods and know how it is cooked
  • Boating along Thu Bon River and Hoai River to have different tours on rivers including fishing, eco tour and handicraft villages
  • Have a chance to take photos at Hoian Old Town with old houses, sun rise, sunset for colorful feeling at this city
  • Homestay at hill tribe village on Ho Chi Minh trail to get the fantastic forest scenery and local culture of Kotu minority people
  • Combine a boat trip to handicraft village and My Son Hollyland to get more Champa tower
  • Make a cycling tour to Old town with so many historically vibrant streets to explore and the countryside
  • Try to be a farmer or a fisherman to get the real experience of local life at Tra Que organic village or at fishing villages
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