Da Lat Travel Guide

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  • Experience the French colonial affect in constructions of Dalat city plus discover the romantic of city with pine hills
  • Open your eyes with the collection of different flowers besides enjoying a graceful Dalat beauty making it as an ideal tourist destination – the most impressive as a city of flowers.
  • Enchanting spectacular waterfalls surrounding Dalat city centre with different beauties
  • Feeling cool climate at this city with four season in one day in addition spectacular nightlife which worth for paying a visit and discovery
  • Enjoy the natural beauties of Love valley, Mong Mo Hill or Xuan Huong lake with the wonderful for seeing


Dalat is the most beautiful city of Vietnam. The environment and scenery of the city is awesome. It is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations in Vietnam. Dalat Travel Guide helps everyone to plan their trip to Dalat.

The most of the houses and hotels of the city are constructed in the French style. The unique climate, different architecture, history of the city and a wide range of the beautiful spots makes the city more attractive. 

The city has many beautiful sites for the visitors. The cool climate of the city is really charming. The city is blessed with beautiful gardens, evergreen forests, waterfalls, and with lakes. The city is also famous for the wide variety of the flowers. Dalat is one of the most favorite honeymoon spots of Vietnam.

Xuan Huong Lake is visited by the most of the visitors every year. In the ancient time the lake was considered as the rice field of the region. But now it is known as the heart of Dalat. Xuan Huong Lake is surrounded by the banks which give the best area to the visitors to sit down to relax and see the beautiful landscape. The visitors also enjoy by taking a boat ride in the lake. The north coast of the lake consist a flower garden which give a colorful view to the visitors. The reflected view of the moon by the water of the lake gives a heart touching view to the visitors.

Hang Nga guesthouse is known as the crazy house of Dalat. It is a building which is unconventional, constructed and designed by Vietnamese architects. The architecture and artistic design of the Crazy house is very beautiful. The monument is created by the creative potential, with number of rooms which are connected by thin bridges. Everyone will really enjoy by wandering around the crazy house.         

The city is surrounded by the lakes, high peaks, hills and beautiful scenery makes Dalat different from other tourist’s destinations of Vietnam. The weather of the place remains quite warm in the day time but becomes cool at night. 

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located outside Dalat but it is a beautiful tourist’s destination. It is built by nuns, monks and the followers of Buddhist. The design of pillars, ceiling, dragon and walls of the pagoda gives an interesting view to everyone. The pieces of terracotta, broken glasses and beer bottles are inlaid in the pagoda.

The markets of Dalat provide a beautiful atmosphere to the visitors. The market is full of local items such as dry fruits, artichoke, avocado and strawberry jam etc. The visitors can enjoy by visiting the market of Dalat.

The buildings of Dalat are beautiful and inspired by the French-era. The city is full of with flowers and vegetables. The colorful view of the city is very amazing for everyone. The city is the favorite tourist’s destination for the weekend outings and family getaways. The high mountains of the place give the best area for the hiking, canyoning and biking opportunities to the tourists. The hilly area is perfect for the tea plantations and coffee beans.  

Dalat Travel guide give the information about every tourist place of Dalat. So the visitors can take any type of information about Dalat and can plan their visit to this beautiful city.


  • Experience mountain biking through the village, trekking or kayaking as well as canyoning water at nice streams and rivers
  • Discover many interesting French colonial buildings and get deeper inland of these style constructions
  • Take a cable car to Truc Lam Monastery complex to enjoy the attractive scenery of pine trees covered hills, lake and visit famous pagoda
  • Discover the different beauties and spectacular at waterfalls including Damri, Dantala, Prenn, etc
  • Enjoy the romantic sightseeing at famous attractions in city with Love Valley, Mong Mo hill as well as flowers and vegetable gardens which keep visitors foot
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