Cu Chi Tunnels

Cuchi Tunel


  • A must see destination when traveler stay in Ho Chi Minh city which about 30 minutes from the city centre
  • Experience the tunnels really brings home the reality of life for the fighters. War is always hell, but the ingenuity of humans to survive and to kill is incredible
  • Get more information and open your eyes for the local people in fighting during Vietnam – America War


Cu Chi Tunnels is a beautiful site to visit while go on a trip in Vietnam. These tunnels are the network of underground passages that is 120 miles long. People always love to see the historic places during their trip. These tunnels are the representative of the history of Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnels travel guide give the information about these tunnels which will be helpful for everyone to plan their trip to Vietnam. 

The Tunnels has the slight evidences of destruction, vicious fighting and bombing that quivered during the war. The tunnels are very deep and have multiple storeys which consist of storage facilities, constructed living area, countless trapdoors, kitchens and field hospitals. 

The two sections of these amazing tunnels are opened for the local public or the visitors. The one section is at the distance of 15km and another is near the village of Ben Dinh. Most of the visitors come to see these tunnels while on a visit in Vietnam. Everyone can reach the tunnels very easily. The visitors can take an interesting experience by crawling through these beautiful tunnels. The tunnels give the perfect area to the visitors to enjoy their trip by making their videos inside the tunnels. 

Number of stalls is also constructed near the entrance of the tunnels. So that the visitors can also enjoy the various food items and drinks there. There is a restaurant at the middle of walking track which sells ice-creams, foods and drinks at very reasonable prices. The visitors can also try the sample of boiled tapioca.

There are also many places to visit in Cu Chi such as Ben Duoc temple. The temple is constructed in 1993 in the remembrance of Vietnamese killed at Cu Chi. Temple is bordered by a flower garden and with a tower of nine storeys. 

The Cu Chi wildlife rescue station is also a tourist place and visited by the most of tourists. A small area of the station is dedicated for the protection of wildlife. The station has the different animals like gibbons, bears and otters etc. everyone can visit this place while on a trip of Cu Chi tunnels.

During the ancient time these tunnels were facilitated coordination and communication between the VC controlled reserves. The visitors can have a chance to experience a different appearance of the tunnels by crawling through the tunnels. 

Ben Dinh is an attractive section of the tunnels and visited by the most of the visitors. It is located at a distance of 50 km from HCMC. The visitors can see a large map that show the range of tunnels network and another show the cross sectional drawings of the tunnels.  This section of the tunnels remains open for the visitors. It has the length of 50 m and turns up and down through various halls. There is a bomb crater and M-41 tank near the exit of the section.  

It is adventurous for the visitors to visit the tunnels during their visit in Cu Chi. Cu Chi  Tunnel Travel Guide provide the information about the Cu Chi Tunnels.


  • Make a half day to Cu Chi tunnel or combine full day trip to Cu Chi tunnel and Tay Ninh Cao Dai temple for discover this vast underground complex which was once buzzing with thousands of soldiers.
  • Travel by boat to Cu Chi Tunnels which was great experience, this is one trip you should not miss. And have knowledge to hear guide explain how the Tunnels were used during the war
  • Discover the tunnels used by Viet Cong as the hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches plus living quarters for a lot of fighters.
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