Ayutthaya Travel Guide


  • The ancient city of Ayutthaya or called Phra Bakhon Si Ayutthaya offer many attractions for discover with ancient ruins and art works
  • Offer a lot of pagodas and temples for discover more of its culture and impressive at these pagoda as well as summer Palace
  • Elephant Camp in Ayutthaya to experience elephant riding while you visit Ayutthaya


Are your vacations approaching near? Are your choices of tour destinations all muddled up?

Worry no more! Ayutthaya Travel Guide is here to help you get through the confusion. The world is a huge place and is crammed up with lots and lots of beautiful destinations to explore and from among these beautiful travel destinations, Thailand is considered one of the best places to go to, for vacations. Thailand, a country which is an owner of exquisite vistas and a world famous, mouth watering cuisine is best suited for a travel lover, who seeks out fun, adventure, natural beauty and thrilling experiences.

In the lands of Thailand, puts down a city with its elegant and picturesque landscapes, Ayutthaya!

The city Ayutthaya is an hour’s drive away to the north of the famous city of Bangkok. Ayutthaya holds a great deal of Thai history in its land. The history of Thailand mentions Siam and Ayutthaya is said to be one of the Siamic capitals. The city was ransacked by Burmese back in that era and thus contains most of the precious temple ruins as its sights. With the help of Ayutthaya Travel Guide, you will be all set to explore the depths of the historic Thai culture that Ayutthaya displays.
Ayutthaya Travel Guide will also make you familiarize with and avail the tour and travel facilities available at Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya is an ancient land of rulers and thus, most of the buildings resemble palaces, giving a royal vibe to the whole atmosphere. Ayutthaya is adorned with the soul of local Thai culture which can be witnessed by visiting its backstreets, where the tourists can go either by foot or even through bicycles. Segway transports are also there to help you explore the city.

The delightful riverside of Ayutthaya that was once enjoyed by the rulers and the foreign envoys can be enjoyed by the tourists as well, by getting on board for the river cruise. The River Sun Cruise takes you to the sites of the temple ruins and ancient palaces which are believed to be painted gold. The cruise also acquaints you with the historic diplomatic bounds of Ayutthaya with abroad as it gives away a sense of foreign culture as well. If you take the Grand Pearl Cruise, which is an adventure and luxury in itself, you can explore the olden architecture beginning with the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace.

Ayutthaya seems much more luring when explored at nights and thus you can take a night bike ride tour around Ayutthaya. The comforting ride through Ayutthaya in calm nights in a soothing experience as you witness the beauty of the city in the dusk. The bike ride will let you explore most of the sights to the East of Ayutthaya. In case you are all contented with the bike ride, you can opt for a two-day-cycling-tour around the city and this will make you go adventurous plus green at the same time.

Lest you want to visit Ayutthaya straight from Bangkok, Ayutthaya Travel Guide can help you take the Mekhala Overnight cruise which is a thrilling journey starting from Grand Palace and The temple of Dawn, in Bangkok to the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and the old temple ruins, in Ayutthaya. 

Ayutthaya Travel Guide is ready to steer you to the beautiful city Ayutthaya. So, if you’re planning a vacation in Ayutthaya, you will be pleased to choose Ayutthaya Travel Guide.


  • Make a full day trip to visit Ayutthaya ancient temples of Wat Phu Kao Thong, Wat Chaiwatthanaram and Wat Mahathat and Summer Palace Bang Pa In to see fantastic gardens
  • Take a trip to the Ayutthaya World Heritage site where you visit Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, Wat Prasrisanphet and take a boat ride around the Ayutthaya island
  • Have chance to make a tour to experience the idyllic natural beauty of Erawan National Park and the seven waterfalls to get closer for the nature. Plus visit Kanchanaburi Elephant Camp for having an elephant riding trek through the jungle to see tropical flora as well as try to bath the elephant nearby river
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