Ngapali Beach Travel Guide

Ngapali beachNgapali beach - resort


  • Located in Rakhine State, Ngapali beach stretches along Bengal bay where offers one of the best beaches in Myanmar for refresh on pure sea water with soft white sand under the shadow of coconut
  • Discover the natural beauties and untouched spots with wild beaches plus joining activities such as beach strolling cycling, best sunbathing
  • Enjoy at the nearby Thanwe to get more relaxation at a modern town and discover the fishing villages stretching along connect beaches together from Mazin to Lontha on Mayo Bay


The world is transforming with a very rapid pace. Newer technologies are taking control over the life of people, making it all hi-tech. But in this wide world, there is a little part that still lives in the old good times, the country named Myanmar.

Myanmar is a country which is still adorned with the old culture that can be seen in the lifestyle of people even today. This is why tourists from around the whole globe, love to visit this serene destination, seeking some solace from their fast-moving lives.

Among several tourist spots in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is the most liked tourist destination.

Ngapali Beach Travel Guide is here to tell you why you should opt for Ngapali Beach as your next vacation spot!

Ngapali Beach is located in the Western Myanmar at the coast of Bay of Bengal. The immaculate white sand of the beach, clear water of the bay is in itself a luring invitation to the beach lovers. As a cherry to the cake, the Ngapali Beach is surrounded with a line of decent accommodation facilities as well. As per Ngapali Beach Travel Guide, the beach can be deemed as the best beach retreat in Myanmar.

Maintaining the deep-rooted culture of Myanmar, besides the advanced water sports like jet skiing, at Ngapali Beach you can see small boats, fishermen and carts drawn by the oxen.

For the water sports lovers, the beach can prove out to be a haven as at Ngapali Beach, you can go for snorkeling trips.

Ngapali Beach Travel Guide also suggests visiting Ngapali Golf Course in one of your outings as the views can astonish you, along with a decent game of golf. The main attraction at Ngapali Beach is spending time at the beach and relaxing there for hours under the warm sun. The ideal time to visit Ngapali Beach is from November to March to enjoy your stay to the chores.

The Ngapali Beach has many restaurants, accommodations and entertainment sights surrounding it and people are often packed in these places during the peak seasons. The essence of the culture of Myanmar can easily be seen at the Ngapali Beach by the local residents moving around the beach. The local people often wear the old traditional clothes as per the culture of Myanmar and observing them is fun in itself.

Best seafood in Myanmar can be enjoyed at Ngapali Beach, which is served in most of the restaurants around the beach. The restaurants and resorts also serve Thai, Chinese and Burmese cuisines. You can also enjoy drinks like Mojito in the restaurants around Ngapali Beach. 

Around the beach, you can also find small local vendors selling handmade products, mostly Coconut Cravings which you can take as a memento with you.

Ngapali Beach Travel Guide suggests you to visit Ngapali Beach if you plan to spend your vacations in Myanmar for some memorable fun. For any help during your trip to Ngapali Beach, you can count on Ngapali Beach Travel Guide.


  • Have a tour to Ngapali Beach to spend your leisure on nice sandy untouched beach and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere far away from noisy life and modern cities at this calm beach
  • Make a cycling around to visit fishing villages and see local fishermen in their traditional catching fish daily
  • Enjoy the beauties of the nature by visiting surrounding and the hill to get more the fresh nature which make this beach is the best for wild
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