Mandalay Travel Guide

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  • Discover the second biggest city in Myanmar after Yangon to see more the romantic and cultural land
  • See more values at this old capital city in 1852 and the centre of Buddhist to understand more of this city at many interesting cultural and religious sites of pagodas, striking churches, Indian temples and mosques.
  • Famous not only for its rich traditional, cultural and spiritual splendor but also handicraft such as silk, embroidery, stone carving and bronze casting as well as the process of making gold leaves


Mandalay is a royal capital and city situated in the northern Myanmar. There are plenty of beautiful sites in the city. Mandalay travel Guide provides the complete information about the different popular sites of the city which helps everyone to plan their visit to Mandalay.

The striking churches, notable mosques, Indian temples and many pagodas are beautiful to see while on a trip to Mandalay. There are countless little monasteries to visit and the riverside area give the perfect space for the relaxation to the visitors.

Visitors can enjoy the night market of the city. Most of the vendors sell army hats, music, clothes, food and other things imported from china. There are also many pubs in the city where everyone can enjoy the various types of drinks and can dance.

There are many restaurants in the city which provide the different types of food items to the visitors. Green elephant is a famous restaurant of Mandalay. They provide many dishes with tasty roast aubergine salad and appetizingly tangy mango-pork curry which is one of the best meals of Myanmar. They provide a tasty and perfect dining to the visitors and locals also.

Mandalay hill is the most beautiful site in Mandalay. The southern slope of the hill gives an experience to pass through the colourful sequence of prayer and number of shopping opportunities to the visitors. A barefooted walk on the hill gives an amazing experience to everyone. There is a shrine building that contain a large Buddha whose arms points towards the royal palace. Visitors can also see a three storey stone fortress which was retaken from Japanese.

Mandalay palace is a Mandalay’s royal palace. The complex is impressive due to its forty timber buildings built. Visitors can climb the spiral timber walled watch tower for a decent general view of the palace. The structure of the palace is really striking, consist a multi-layered pyramid of gilt network above the main room in front of that a series of royal things are displayed. There are few other halls which contain other cultural museum.

Shwenandaw Kyaung Temple is the most significant historic building of Mandalay. The golden palace monastery retains an only major survivor of the wooden royal palace. Shwenandaw is a delicate yet the grand example of ancient Burmese teak architecture. It is a noteworthy masterpiece of wood. The roofs of the building are beautifully decorated and the corner roof ornaments give a wonderful appearance to the temple. The rich carvings on the bargeboards and wooden entries of the palace make it different from others. The marbles on the walls are really amazing to see. The wonderful dragons, mythical animals, lively figures at dance, flowers & wines, rich ornamental carvings of the temple attracts most of the visitors to come here and see the beauty of the palace.

Mahamuni Paya is also one of the most beautiful sites of Mandalaya. Visit to Mandalay is wonderful and Mandalay Travel Guide provides the information about each and every place of the city which will be helpful to everyone in planning their visit to Mandalay.


  • Visit Mandalay hill to get the sense of pancake plat sprawl, climb to the hill of 236m high and view of Shan Hills for the breathtaking scenes of cityscape, the Ayerwaddy River and the village far away. Also for travelers have more time and good health can conquer the summit with 1720 steps to have the wonderful views and have the sunset on the hill will be a memory moment
  • Get the whole magnificent complex at Mandalay Palace which was destroyed by fire during the World War II. However, there are many constructions still keep their original structure for visitors can get deeply information such as wooden pavilions, surrounding moat, palace buildings, etc.
  • Make a visit to Shwenandaw Monastery which is famous in Mandalay for its intricate woodcarvings
  • Have a combination tour to different pagodas in Mandalay for more experience of this religion land including Kuthodaw pagoda, Sandamuni Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi pagoda, etc
  • Get nice photos of sunset on Amarapura or called U Bein bridge which many tourists don’t walk the full length of the bridge, just only walk a short for sunset photo shoot
  • Have a cup of tea with local people to get the different things at a new land you are visiting and it is cheap to try
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