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  • Visit this top tourist attractions inShan State of Myanmar to discover the natural beauties at the lake as well as local stilt house at the Intha.
  • Have a chance to see the local workshops at the villages around the lake, pagodas and local market to get deeply local custom, traditional culture and surrounding community lifestyles
  • The best time to visit Inle Lake on September or October when the Hpaung Daw U and Thadingyug festivals take place


Myanmar, a land of old culture, holds great beauties in the form of exotic vistas on its lands. Scores of luring sights are packed within the boundaries of Myanmar. Here, Inle Lake Travel Guide brings to you, one of the most loved tourist destinations in Myanmar – Inle Lake! 

Inle Lake is a fresh water lake, located in the Shan State which is a part of the famous Shan hills of Myanmar. This scenic lake, is the second largest state in Myanmar.

If you’re planning on visiting Myanmar during your vacations, Inle Lake Travel Guide would love to suggest Inle Lake as a spot you must visit. For the lovers of nature, the delightful views of the lake are much alluring. Inle Lake is surrounded by Nyaung Shwe Township which is a total of four cities that border the lake. The township is further divided in several small villages along the shores of the lake. The chief diet of Inle Lake includes fish, which comes from the fishing habits of people around the lake, along with rice injected with the tastes of the culture of Myanmar.

Inle Lake Travel Guide enlists the places you must visit while your trip to Inle Lake. 

Spreading a traditional vibe around the Inle Lake, the beautiful Alodaw Pauk Pagoda is one of the most exotic pagodas built around the area. If you seek to explore through the traditional history of Inle Lake, the pagoda must be visited for a delightful experience.

As per Inle Lake Travel guide, a 5-day-market in Inle Lake is much famous as the native people around the lake sell an assortment of their farm products like fish, vegetables, fruits and what not. The shopping experience around the market seems enthralling to most tourists as the experience here is pleasantly unique. Animal and nature lovers must visit the Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary during their trip to the lake as the pleasant experience will surely draw you closer to nature.

Inle Lake Travel Guide suggests you to be a part of the famous festivals that take place around the region. Two most famous festivals in Inle Lake are Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival and Hot-air balloon festival.

The Phaung Daw festival is a traditional festival that lasts for as long as three weeks. This festival is basically based on the Buddhist worship practices.

The second festival is the Hot-Air Balloon festival which is celebrated around in November as the giant balloons in shape of animals are seen floating in the night skies of Inle Lake. The people of Inle Lake celebrate both of these festivals with complete fervor.

Your joyful trip to Inle Lake will bring you across some exquisite sun sets adorned with the views of leg rowed boats of fishermen. Your trip will surely be a blend of many unique experiences that Inle Lake offers you. The lake is a luring tourist destination for tourists from around the globe.

For any guidance on planning out a trip to Inle Lake, you can undoubtedly rely on Inle Lake Travel Guide.


  • Make a boat trip through small canals on Inle Lake to experience local fishermen catch fish as their traditional way and their techniques – the unique leg-rowing fishermen who stand up on their boats to give them a bird’s eye view of the fish in the very shallow waters
  • Learn the way local farmers grow the fruit and vegetable on floating gardens where Intha people grow different of vegetables and flowers and also for export around the country. No better way than see the unique aspect of life on the lake of local villagers which is useful for nature and environment as well as develop from many generations
  • Visit Nampan village in the Inle Lake to experience an excellent examples of traditional one and see the wooden stilt house. It is an opportunity for visitor the traditional handicraft cheroot – traditional local cigar factories plus visit the oldest Alodaw Pauk pagoda on the lake to get the authentic life
  • Discover the bustling market for more experience of local life activities, further up the side of the Maing Thauk Forest Monastery mountain
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