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Myanmar is one of the most famous countries of South Asia. The country shares its border with Laos, China, Thailand, India and Bangladesh. The country is also the house of more than 100 ethnic groups. Myanmar Travel Guide helps everyone to plan their trip in this beautiful country.

Yangon is the largest and the best city of Myanmar and visited by the most of the visitors of the world. The city is full of with numerous parks; gilded Shwedagon Pagoda, the towering, beautiful lakes and the bustling markets are really amazing for the visitors to see. The pagoda contains many Buddhist leftovers that give a chance to take an idea about the history of country.

The country is completely astounded by western fashion; visitors can find women overwhelmed in traditional make up, men wearing skirts such as longyi. Visitors can also see cart and horse in the rural areas of the country and can enjoy the scenery of the place while taking a ride on them. The people of the country still love to drink tea which is British Colonial affection. The country has thousands of old-fashioned teahouses to see.

Visitors can enjoy the by drifting down the Ayeyarwady river in an ancient river steamer, stake out a part of beach on the delightful bay of Bengal and by trekking through the minority villages sprinkled across Shah hills to the beautiful pine forests.

The people of the country are humorous, considerate, gentle, engaging, passionate and inquisitive and it will be the best thing to meet with them. Visitors can find the various modern conveniences in the country such as ATM’s, internet access, mobile phone coverage but the people of Myanmar still remains the traditionalism in the country.

Myanmar has many beautiful cities to see such as Yagon, Mandalay, Pyay, Thandwe, and Bagan. All these cities have different beautiful sites and really charming for everyone to visit while on a trip to Myanmar. There are also many restaurants which provide the various local dishes to the visitors.

Shwedagon Paya is the most popular tourist’s destination in the country. It is one of the most sacred Buddhism’s sites. It is located in the central Myanmar and also known as the golden palace. The exterior of the building is covered with ornate teak statues which represent Buddhist mythologies. Visitors can find a 325ft zedi, decorated with gold leaf and thousands of diamonds and gems. The pagoda has beautiful appearance and attracts the most of visitors.

Ayeyarwady River Cruise is a popular river vacation destination in Myanmar. Visitors have a chance to take a ride on the large boats and ships between Mandalay and Bagan. Visitor can see beakless dolphins and many river villages, and can travel through the deep gorges and forests. Most of the visitors love this place and come here to enjoy their vacation.

Mrauk U is also a famous site to visit in Myanmar. It has thick walls, initially thought to be a fortress but the thick walls were made to shield the temples of the place from the winds. Visitors can see various stone temples throughout the area of the town. Visitors have to take a ride of four to seven hours of Kaladan River to get this remote location.

Myanmar Travel guide provide the complete information regarding the different places of Myanmar which will help everyone to plan their vacation trip to Myanmar.

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