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  • Discover the beauty of this growing city of Champasak province in southern Laos with many famous tourist attractions on Mekong River and Sedon River
  • Admire the spectacular and unspoiled attractions here to get more experience of nature and French style constructions
  • Join big festivals in Pakse District every year to learn more its culture and customs
  • Combine visit Pakse city tour and have cultural village to experience more of this land


Paske is one of the most famous towns of Laos. Most of the backpackers and travellers come here to see this beautiful town. Paske is an ideal place to explore the Beauty of the region. 

Paske has two gorgeous rivers and some beautiful wats that makes the town the major tourists destination. The city has sufficient riverside areas where the visitor can enjoy some drinks and eats by watching the sun seethe into the horizon. Visitors can also enjoy their trip by exploring the various adventurer sites of the place. 
Paske is famous for its tasty food items, excellent local hospitality and decent guesthouse sight. Pakse has become so comfortable and modern that many visitors can come here to hang out and pick up information.

The town is stunning collection of islands near the Cambodian border and for the remarkable Khmer skeletons at Wat Phu. Visitors also put a sight on the authentic, old-fashioned Laotian life on the island of Don Daeng and striking waterfalls rimming the Bolaven Plateau by making a trip to the region.

Visitors will surely want to longer spend in this area than expected. There is a long list of things to do in the town along with the admirable hospitality of the locals. Pasek has good roads, but has slow buses, motorbike is a popular option and most of the visitors can easily take them on rent for a visit in Pakse.

In the east of the major city of Pakse, there is a famous Bolaven Plateau which is the home to thick jungle, fantastic waterfalls and sprawling coffee plantations. The waterfalls are the beautiful sites to visit for visitors.  The waterfalls are located in the forest of Dong Hua Sao. Waterfalls are moderately prominent and vividly green but are not available for the swimming opportunities to the visitors. These are slippery, slightly deceitful climb down the stone steps that are eternally glossy from the constant spray, but the visitors can climb from the rocks into the water for a cool dip. 

There are splendid shops and cafes at the top of the falls. Ban Saphai is an island which is the home for the 44 families with the population of 396. Visitors have a chance to see many traditional Lao style houses on the island. The most of the visitors love to meet with the locals.  Don Kho area also provides the convenient and safe location for docking French ships.

Visitors can also take a trip which covers the history of the island. It is a wonderful place for everyone. The area will give the perfect place to spend vacation with your family. 

Visitors can experience a visit to the village which give an amazing feel. There are many waterfalls which will give swimming options. The scenery of the village is very beautiful. Everyone can take the help of Paske Travel Guide for any type of information regarding Paske town.   


  • Take a tour to remarkable temples to know more of these attractive destinations better including Vat Phu and Phu Asa where features a superb view overlooking the Mekong valley, central market, museum and weaving village to get more local cultures
  • Have half day to visit Tadfane Waterfalls situated in the jungle of Dong Hua Sao to enjoy the picturesque twin waterfalls of 200 meters down. Also have chance to swim and take beautiful photos as well as meet local minority people of Lavaia nd Yaheune with coffee and tea plantations here
  • See Khong Islad where has the lovely fishing villages, serene monasteries and lush vegetation. It offers a unique insight for nature and local life.
  • Have an elephant riding at the top of Phou Asa Mountain in Ban Khiat Ngong to get the fanciful enjoyment
  • Have a boating down the Mekong River to enjoy more of life and culture on Mekong besides natural beauties
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