Xieng Khouang Travel Guide

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  • Experience Xieng Khouang with six districts on transport to get more beauties of this remote province which was the part of Ho Chi Minh Trail of Vietnam – famous one in Vietnam war
  • A famous visiting site the Plain of Jars is the most distinctive and enigmatic in Laos attractions to discover the magic of this plain which still a hidden with human until now
  • View all the silk making process at mulberries organic silk farm to learn more of traditional handicraft village


Xieng Khouang is a wonderful lush green north eastern province of Laos which lies all around a high rise plateau. The literal meaning of Xieng Khouang is ‘Horizontal City’. In earlier times, the central part of Xieng Khouang was a combat zone where several bombs were dropped during the Second World War. Phonsavan is the capital of this exquisite province which means ‘Hills of Paradise’. This city has an abounding culture and heritage which attracts tourists from all around the world. Xieng Khouang Travel Guide can help you to plan out a trip to this province.

The most intriguing place in Xieng Khouang is Plain of Jars which is in Phonsavan. There are around hundreds of huge stone jars which are spotted all around the plateau. This whole area is nominated as a heritage site by UNESCO and during the trip to Laos, it is worth seeing. The most amazing fact about these jars is that nobody actually knows their use.

With the assistance of Xieng Khouang Travel Guide, one can also plan a trip to the fascinating hot springs at Meaung Kham district. They not only sooth the nerves but also gives out of ordinary experience. This province is the witness of Vietnam War and one can still see the Tham Piu cave which was used as a shelter during bombing.

One more thing the Xieng Khouang Travel Guide suggests is to visit the fascinating organic silk farm. This farm produces the finest Laotian silk; the tradition which dates back to centuries. Visitors can view the whole process of silk production. There are certain shops which are run by a NGO known as Mulberries Organic Silk Farm. In the Mulberries gift shop, one can buy exquisite silk scarves in bright rich colors.

After visiting all the famous places of Xieng Khouang, travelers can rest and enjoy the beautiful vista and incredibly peaceful and sunny weather of the place. For a nature lover, this place is not less than a dreamland. The main feature of the scenery of this province is Mt. Phou Bia, which is the highest mountain of country. Xieng Khouang is a place rolling with high mountains, lush grass fields with wildflowers and cascading waterfalls. During the month of February, whole area is covered with the blossoming trees of peaches and orchids which present a delightful scene.

The Xieng Khouang Travel Guide assists the travelers to go and see the cute, little villages scattered around the province. There are colorful houses which gives a fairy tale look to the villages. The main ethnic groups of the province are Hmong, Tai Puan, Khamu and Tai Dam who are famous for their celebrations on New Year.

During the excursion to Xieng Khouang, one can enjoy scrumptious Laos cuisine which is very much similar to its neighboring countries, Thailand and Vietnam. The cuisine has a tangy Asian twist which adds hordes of flavors to the tongue. Because of the French influence on the province pastries, coffee and baguettes are easily available.

If one is planning a trip to Laos, then visiting this beautiful Xieng Khouang is must and Xieng Khouang Travel Guide will be of great help in planning the trip.


  • Visit Mulberries Organic Silk Farm to understand clearly the process of raising and making the silk at the famous Phonsavan where is the tradition of which dates back for centuries of Laotian silk. Also have time to visit the Mulberries gift shop which is featured into beautiful plain silk scarves in a difference of rich colors, patterns and cushion covers and fabrics.
  •  Relax at the hot springs of Muang Kham which are located approximately 52km north of Muang Phonsavanh for refresh yourselves
  • Visit Tham Xang Cave in Ban Ta to get more knowledge of the caves’ life in the war which local people grew up by hiding in caves to avoid the bombs. It is more adventure when visitors take a bicyle to ride through villages to get beautiful landscapes
  • Experience more of the original Hmong mountain village at Ban Phakeo to know more of community base tourism here and get the authentic Hmong village as well as local people cultures
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