Vientiane Travel Guide

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  • Explore different attractions including That Luang Stupa (Great Sacred Stupa) built in 236 of the Buddhist Calendar, Sisaket Temple, Museum and Monument for more exploration of the city and its history
  • Get the panorama of the Vientiane capital city which is the must-see when reaching the city
  • Discover the French colonial architectures with its splendidly decorated temples and unique procession of colorful saffron monks, in additional visit to the extraordinary Buddha Park for more knowledge of Laos history and culture


Vientiane is the largest and capital city of Laos. The city is steeped in history and legend of Laos. It is located on the bank of Mekong River. The friendly capital is speckled with crumbling bougainvillea-blooming streets, steaming noodle stalls and French mansions. Visitors can take the help of Vientiane Travel Guide to plan their trip to Vientiane.    

Vientiane is the home of Pha That Luang and gilded stupa. The streets of the city are lined with the colonial buildings, Buddhist temples, noodle shops, markets and with trees. There are many places in the city which attract the most of the visitors every year.  

The restaurants of the city offer rich collection of international cuisine to the visitors. The city has many beautiful sites and everyone can spend their vacation by visiting its sights, enjoying a beer Lao at sunset on riverside and by tasting the excellent food.  

Buddha Park is a famous of Vientiane. Visitors can see more than 200 religious statues including high sprawling Buddha image. There is also an image of Hindu god named Indra which is riding on the three headed elephant, an inventive deity with many hands and 12 faces, each holding many interesting things. There is a giant pumpkin structure standing about 3 stories high, and the perfect spot for photography. The entry is designed in such a way that it look like the mouth of demon’s, with a stone ladder inside taking to a bird’s view of the whole park. The park is very impressive to the visitors because of its interesting motifs and interesting details. Visitors can find an eatery and a café offering drinks and food to tourists at one end of the park. The famous snacks are fried bananas, cold Lao beer and papaya salad. It also 

That dam or black stupa is located near the Talat Sao. That has an unopened lotus flower structure which usually encloses the relics of Buddha. The locals believe that the mythological structure of the black stupa was occupied by a seven headed dragon which protect the city from the danger of Siamese. The stupa serves as a dedicatory of the history. Black stupa is a charming and curious place to visit.

Vientiane has several beautiful wats and temples, but Wat Ho Phra Keo is the most interesting and impressive. It was constructed as the personal chapel of Lao royal family and as a home for the bright green Buddha. The place is interesting to visit even without the Buddha. The temple is not used for the religious purposes and now considered as a museum. The temple is decorated with a splendid 16th century lacquered door with Hindu figures, several khmer stone statues and with engraved wooden features.

Vientiane is a quiet small town to a fun city with trendy, modern and varied choices of places to enjoy during vacation. There are lots of pubs and bars which offer special ties from their country. The places of the town are very popular and attract a crowd of expats and locals. Vientiane Travel Guide provides the complete information regarding the different tourist’s places of Laos.


  • Have a visiting to That Luang Stupa to see the golden stupa is 45 meters tall and important religious and cultural monuments as well as many other temples including Wat Ong Theu, Wat Ho Phra Kaew, Wat Si Muang, Wat Sisaket, Wat Sokpaluang
  • Take a tuk tuk around the city or out of city to get the amazing atmosphere at this capital one
  • Have a Lao cooking tour and market to get deeply their traditional dishes and know how to cook it after back home
  • Visit Lao Textile Museum to experience more of their traditional handcraft
  • Make a cycling trip around the city and have chance to experience another side of the city as well as meander along the river to get more soul
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