VangVieng Travel Guide

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  • Discover this small city which is surrounded by rivers and mountains offering the beautiful destination in Laos
  • Experience the beauties of caves, trekking the Hmong hill tribe village and learn more of their cultures
  • Famous for backpacking destination in Laos because Vang Vieng still quiet which suite for backpacker


VangVieng is like a piece of heaven on earth. It is surrounded by many scenic landscapes ranging from rivers to mountains and rice fields to limestone cliffs. The small town of VangVieng has beautiful scenery and a long list of many interesting tourist attractions. 

There are many new restaurants in the town which are famous for their fine dining. The town is a favourite vacation destination for the tourists and budget visit in Southeast Asia. They serve the dishes of large range from Asian cuisine to traditional Laos food items. Most of the visitors love to eat vegans, noodle stir fries, grilled river fish sticky rice and beef etc. The restaurants also offer all these food items at reasonable prices.      

Blue Lagoon is a great tourists spot for the visitors to cool off and relax. The place always remains crowded with the tourists. The clean, refreshingly cold, turquoise blue water and large number of fish gives a stunning view of the lagoon to the visitor. There are many other things like ladders and rope swings which the visitors can use for jumping from the top of a tree towater. There are many other options like tubes, big plastic slide, life jackets and wood huts with tin roofs alongside the water to enjoy food and beer. Due to all the enjoyable swimming options, the place is popular tourist’s destination.

Tham Poukham is also a beautiful place which everyone should visit during their trip to Laos. It is also located at the blue lagoon. The cave of golden grab is also an interesting place to see. The first chamber is well ignited and a bronze sprawling Buddha is irradiated by a ray of sunlight.  The entrance of the cave requires a vertical and slippery climb up a track before the cave dives into the ground.

The splendid limestone mountains that are situated over the VangVieng are peppered with the all kinds of caves. Some caves are small which allows the visitors to hardly squeeze inside them but some are large enough with stalactite and pillar formations. Water cave is a main attraction for the visitors; they can also find many other grottoes to explore. Lusi cave is also famous for its lagoon in which visitors can swim. The cave remains closed during the wet season. 

Tubing is a fun loving activity in VangvVieng. The Nam Song River is the perfect place where visitors can enjoy the tubing with their family and can experience the amazing scenery while drink a few beers. Most of the tourists love to sit in a large inner tube and float downriver, this is a common sight in VangVieng. 

Visitors can see oriental silk paitnings. Everyone should spend their few days in VangVieng Laos, visitors can trek, go for tubing or on a motorcycle tour. VangVieng Travel Guide provides the information about each and every place of VangVieng which will be helpful to everyone in planning their trip to VangVieng.   


  • Have a visiting to attractions in Vang Vieng with caves, tubing and trekking to Hmong minority people village for get deeper experience
  • Enjoy the tubing in Vang Vieng is the exciting activities to get the fun as well as disocver the beauties of Tham Jang cave
  • Bath on Nam Song River to get the local funny while visiting this land
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