Sihanoukville Travel Guide



  • Come to Sihanoukville which is surrounded by white sandy beaches and undeveloped tropical islands
  • Wat Leu temple is a great place to get the spectacular views of the entire city as well as the gorgeous sunset views from the hill
  • Scuba diving is one of the highlight in Sihanoukville which give visitors the discovery the beauty of marine life and its diversity


Sihanoukville is a beautiful tourist’s destination. It is located at the southwest part of Cambodia. The deep water port was founded in 1964.

Sihanoukville has several sites which attracts the visitors to come here and see the beauty of the place.
Sihanoukville sits in a peninsula which is full of tropical islands and beautiful white sand beaches. The coastal area of the beaches is the most attractive place for everyone. The cosy and quite atmosphere, clear water and white sand of beaches makes them a popular tourists spots for the families. Visitors can enjoy the seaside paradise with the stimulating coolness of the fresh water streams all year round. The waterfalls of Sihanoukville are very fascinating to the visitors.

Kbal Chhay waterfall is at the distance of 16 km in the north of Sihanknoukville. The water of the waterfall comes from many sources of the mountain range. But visitors can see only three sources. Visitors should visit this waterfall in the months from July to October. During this time the waterfall look very attractive with white foam of water flowing down. Kbal Chhay is a poplar picnic spot where everyone can spend their vacation amongst the serene natural ambience and greenery of the waterfall. The area of the waterfall gives the perfect picturesque sight to the visitors. Waterfall area is also abundant in drinks and food stands, visitors can take drinks for refreshment.

Koh Rong Island is an island and located at the distance of 40km from sihanoukville. It is the most beautiful island of Kompong region. There is a forest at the center of the island which has thousands of waterfall and coconut palms. There is also a snowdrift bay which is covered by the turquoise and crystal clear water. Visitors can enjoy the various activities like snorkelling, diving, kayaking, trekking and as well as fishing but swimming in the turquoise water will be difficult for everyone. The vast area of the island is very attractive and perfect for a visit in sihanoukville. The island gives a view of paradise to the visitors on Koh Rong.

Phnom Leu is the famous tourist attraction in Cambodia. The visitors can see a pagoda on the top of mountain, which give a panoramic view of international port of Sihanoukville and beautiful beaches. Visitors can experience the spectacular view of the whole city. Most of the visitors visit this beautiful site during the festivals.
The market of Sihanoukville offers fabulous tourists attraction to the visitors. ostres beach is the late night marketplace for the locals. Visitors can enjoy their Saturday nights with food stalls and live music shows.

Sihanoukville has plenty of international and Cambodian restaurants which offer food at reasonable prices. Almost every restaurant serves seafood and cambodian food. Some restaurants also have bars which offer good quality and rich taste of wines to the visitors.

Visitors have a chance to experience the amazing boat ride and enjoy the beautiful seaside life. Everyone should visit this area of CambodiaSihanoukville Travel Guide helps the visitors to plan their visit to Sihanoukville.


  • Have a relaxing on nice white sandy beaches with blue water and see green islands off shore to get more experience which is famous for this land
  • Have a snorkeling and diving on sea to discover the beauties of sea life as well as diversity of animals under sea
  • Make a boating and fishing as well as sailing for getting exciting atmosphere
  • Make a motorcycles and bicycles which is easy in Sihanoukville for explore the beauties of mountains, beach, downtown as your own ways
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