Savannakhet Travel Guide


  • It is easy to explore Savannakhet on foot or tuk tuk to go around the city also exciting to try its experience with temples, catholic churches such as That Ing Hang stupa, the ruins of Khmer at Heuan Hinh or called Stone House, Wat Xayapoum, Dinosaur Museum which tourists should not miss once come Savanakhet
  • Make a combination of walking tour and eco tour in Savannakhet to get more experience
  • To be a second largest city in Laos so nightlife is also very interesting and exciting at restaurants and bars along the river
  • Discover at many other attractions in Savannakhet to enjoy its charms at local village, French colonial architecture and incredible sceneries


Savannakhet, the second largest city of Laos, is a wonderful blend of the old French colonial heritage and the traditional Laos culture. It is also the capital of the largest province of the country, i.e. Savannakhet province. This beautiful city is located on the banks of river Mekong and is one of the important hubs of Laos.

According to the Savannakhet Travel Guide, this city is a mesmeric mix of the olden days united with increasingly contemporary business. Travelers visiting Savannakhet are frequently caught unaware by its old French regal buildings and the forthcoming, peaceful atmosphere of the town which conserves many aspects of Laos’s time honored culture. The little but fast blossoming tourist zone provides the travelers with many eco-trekking programs to the forests situated at the outskirts of the city. Savannakhet Travel Guide can help you to choose one such program to enjoy nature.

The nature has given a lot to this beautiful city with open hands. There are three beautiful waterfalls which are located quite close to each other. Salene waterfall is the highest one but also easiest to reach. Other two are Sadee and Sakhoe waterfall. There is another waterfall which is located in the Phou Xang Hae National Protected Area. It is Phalong waterfall and can be reached easily with the aid of Savannakhet Travel Guide.

There are some truly wonderful places to visit when you are on the trip to Savannakhet. Ing Hang Stupa is one such place which is the burial site of one of the bones of Buddha. This temple is believed to be 450 years old and women have to wear the traditional Laos skirt before entering the Stupa. If one has a taste in fossils then the trip will be like a candy to him/her. Savannakhet is the proud owner of The Savannakhet Dinosaur Museum which is an abode of dinosaur fossils or ‘big lizard bones’ as they are called in Lao. They were excavated from Ban Tang Vay in Xonbuly District. Pode, Iguanodon and Sauropode, these three kinds of dinosaur bones have been discovered there

The most breathtaking vista is the French colonial buildings this city.
Legacies of the French colonial era can be found in the entire area, including great tasting cheese and bread, fine quality wine, Catholicism and the indication of all regal influenced-architecture. The city of Savannakhet is bursting with exceptional, though collapsing, examples of French colonial architecture. The majority of these edifices have gone down over the years due to desertion, conflict and paucity but they still preserve an impression of romance and the times gone by. The most admired and well known model of French architecture in Savannakhet includes St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and the several colonial shop houses.

The travelers can enjoy several festivals with the local people. This provides a chance to the tourists to mingle with them and get to know their culture in a better way. Savannakhet Travel Guide lists various different festivals like Ing Hang Festival, That Phonh Festival, Lao New Year Festival etc. which can be enjoyed and appreciated even later on.

Savannakhet is no doubtly presenting a well blended mix of European architecture and Asian culture which should not be missed during the trip to Laos.


  • A must see That Ing Hang Stupa which is about nine metres high with beautiful carving and decoration. It’s reported to house a relic of Buddha’s spine.
  • Visit Dinosaur Museum, the latest additional tourist sites in Savanakhet to learn more of this kind of animal in history
  • Enjoy the night life at Savannakhet to get more discover of local experience at restaurants and bars
  • Explore Heuan Hinh called Stone House to learn ore of Khmer ruins as well as That Phone Stupa temple served as a shrine of Shiva and other Hindu Gods plus Wat Xayaphoum temple to discover the most beautiful one for local Buddhism
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