Kep Beach Travel Guide


  • Famous in Cambodia for Kep beach with nice sandy beach and near the border with Vietnam
  • Discover the beauties at French villas during the colonial time in 1908. Kep offers great seafood and magnificent views of the mountains and the beaches.


Kep town is a famous the most famous town for its beautiful beaches. Kep beach is a long curve of sand near the slope of Kep peninsula. Kep Travel Guide provides the information about each and every place of the Kep town which will be helpful to everyone to plan their trip to Kep town Cambodia.

The area of the beaches remains crowded on the weekends. Visitors can also find many seafood vendors and various other dining platforms. Everyone can enjoy the rich taste of seafood, with an amazing experience of the cool water of sea and by relaxing on the seaside in sunlight.

Phnom Sar Sear resort is a cultural and natural resort located in southeast at a distance of 14 km of kampot. Visitors can enjoy the mountain caves of the area such as cave of Phnom Dam Rey Sar and the cave of Phnom Ach pro. Visitors can find the great architecture of the Viel Sre. Everyone can also see an artistic and colourful stupa which was built in 1964. The stupa is worshipped by the locals; the cremated ash of the Buddhist is also kept there. Visitors can visit many cottages, pagodas with monks and meandering stairs. Visitors can take an experience of beautiful natural scenery while on a visit to Cambodia. The mountaintop gives a view of the local villages, enormous sea, island, forest and rice fields. Most of the visitors also consider the mountain a place of worship and go for the wishing and praying purposes.

The zoo of the Kep city is one of the most visited sites of Cambodia. Teuk Chhou zoo is the famous zoo and visited by the most of the visitors every year. The zoo is a home of different native species of animals and plants which give a wonderful and colourful view to the visitors. Visitors can find tigers, lions, elephants, cubs, bears, snakes, otter and deer etc. The zoo place gives a fun filled area to spend an enjoyable time with the family. Visitor can also visit a national park and can take a bath in the crystal clear water of Teuk Chhou River.

The salt manufacturing of Kep city is also well known in all over Cambodia. Visitor can have a chance to see how the salt manufactures from the seawater. The produced salt is consumed by the locals and can also be used for the exportation.

Koh Ton Say resort is also a beautiful resort and located at a distance of 4.5 km from the Ken town. It has two beaches which are suitable for swimming. The shallow water and white sand of the beaches looks very charming to everyone. Visitors can also find different plants, coral, and fish at the bottom of the sea.

Wat Samot Reangsey is a historical site and has many old buildings to see. The place gives a fascinating sight of culture and history of the Kep city. Visitors can easily find and reach this place.

For any type of information regarding any destination of Kep town, Kep Beach Travel Guide always ready to help everyone.


  • Enjoy on the back sand beach and relax on nice sandy beaches which a nice place for leisure
  • Taste your seafood especially crab as well as discover the special at Kep’s crab market which is a highlight at this beach city
  • Visit a national park stretching across some 5,000 hectares including Ko Tonsay and Ko Po for more exploration
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