Battambang Travel Guide


  • With 4 hours on car transfer from Siem Reap, Battambang is the second largest city in Cambodia which offers visitors to feel the quiet town and explore the amazing countryside
  • See and taste at rice paper being made for spring rolls or sticky sweet rice cooded inside bamboo with coconut and beans
  • Bamboo train is the attraction in Battambang which take visitor the most enjoyable and unique riding through the fields and forest on a wooden pallet


Battambang is one of the best tourist destinations of Cambodia. It is the second largest city of the Cambodia. It is also second most popular city of CambodiaBattambang Travel Guide helps everyone to plan their visit to Battambang.

Battambang is a popular holiday’s destination for the visitors. The small town friendliness, some preserved colonial architecture and the blend of modern look attracts the most of the visitors. A visit to the city gives a charming experience to everyone.

The different varieties of food items and coffee will be a refreshing change to the most of the visitors. There are several restaurants in the city which provide the best Chinese and khmer food to the tourists. They treat all the visitors with a friendly nature. They can also provide the special and tasty dishes to the tourists. Everyone has a chance to experience the rich taste of the best Vietnamese food items while on a visit to Battambang. 

The city is famous in the entire Cambodia due to its beautiful sites such as Buddhist shrines, notorious bamboo railway and many ancient temples. The statues of the city are very popular which superficially decorate the public places. The most popular statue is of an old khmer king holding a stick which is placed on the main road attracts the most of the tourists. The name of the city is taken from this legend.

The market of the town is the best place of the city and should be visited by the most of the locals and the visitors. Most of the royal building has the waterfront. The famous buildings are the swimming pool victory and train station the art deco of these buildings is very charming and beautiful. Some buildings are also inspired by Chinese, Italian and French architecture, one side of the houses is constructed of brick, square pillars and other one in round pillars, concrete.

Battambang Museum is also a place to visit in Cambodia. There are many displays of Angkorian supports and statuary from all over the Battambang. Sneng and Phnom Banan have multi-lingual signs. Every visitor should see the beautiful displays of the museum.

The caves of the Battambang are very interesting to see. Phnom Sampeu hill is comprised of many killing caves. A few numbers of caves are also decorated with statue of Buddha; there is also a monastery which contained two Buddhist stupas on the hilltop. The visitors can also see a stream of bats exiting the cave in the evening. Everyone can also see the various formations of bats forming in the sky.

Wat Ek Phnom is an Angkor type temple. The temple consists of some interesting carvings and the shape of the temple is also very nice to see. Visitors can also find see a giant Buddha statue in Wat. The road leads to a lovely river which is surrounded by small villages and trees.

Wat Samraong Knong is an old pagoda of the city. It is located on the east of Sangker River. A memorial is built in the memory of the victims of Khmer Rouge system. The visitors can see this pagoda while visiting Battambang.

Every visitor can take any type of information from Battambang Travel Guide.


  • Have kayak through the villages run by NGO local school which offer kayaking trip down the river to get the enjoyment and beauties of villages and fields
  • Take a bamboo train trip to enjoy your experience which should not miss once coming here and the highlight experience when visitor encounters another bamboo train on another direction
  • Have a tuk tuk tour around the countryside to get more fascinating and taste local foods especially sticky rice being cooked inside bamboo
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