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The modern day Cambodian culture acquired its origin between the 1st and 6th centuries. The culture took birth in the oldest state of the Southeast Asia named Funan. This phase of the history is said to hold the evolution of the Cambodian language which comes from the Mon-Khmer group of languages. This language is said to be comprised of some elements of Sanskrit and that of the old religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The historic relevance of the Cambodians makes them distinct from the rest of their neighboring countries as their appearance differs. This can be noticed by the checkered scarves that they ear instead of that of the hats of straw.

The Angkor Empire generated in Funan which was ruled by the famous king JayaVarman II in the year of 802.

During the next 60 decades, the powerful Khmer kings ruled the most parts of the Southeast Asia.

After the end of the rule of the Angkor, the capital of Cambodia shifted to the Longvek and afterwards it shifted to Oudong and then to the present day capital named Phnom Penh.

The post Angkor period is not only famous for the movement of the capital of Cambodia, but also for a large scale conversion of religion into Theravada Buddhism. This has been depicted on the temple carvings and it has been evident through such carvings that the Hindu features were slowly replaced by the features of Buddhism.

Foreign influence in Cambodia is said to be seen during the period of 15th to 17th century. This is when there was a battle for expansion, over Cambodia between Siam and Vietnam. In the years of 1800 Cambodia also witnessed elevating pressure from the colonial powers of the Europe.

This was followed by a series of controversies and fights for gaining independence which were eventually fruitful as finally Cambodia enjoyed the freedom and independent parliamentary system.


Cambodia is situated at southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula. The country shares its boundaries with Laos and Thailand in the North and Vietnam in the East and the South side. In the western coast lies the Gulf Of Thailand which borders Cambodia in the South and Southwest.

The area covered by this Southeast Asian country is around 181,035 square kilometers (69,898 square kilometers) and the 20% of this area is being consumed by the agricultural practices of the country. The area is divided into 21 provinces. Most of the land of Cambodia is relatively plain which surrounds the area around the Lake Tonle Sap. The large amount of the agricultural land is consumed for the cultivation of rice. The plain area is rich in the alluvial soil. The mountainous areas include the Elephant Mountain Ranges, Dangrek and Cardomen.

The country is located entirely within the tropics and the southernmost part of the country is more than around 10°beyond the Equator.

The coastline of Cambodia is around 435 Kilometers long. Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia


Cambodia is a country with tropical climate and enjoys and appropriate amount of sunlight throughout the year. The average temperature of Cambodia is usually high throughout the year. Cambodia enjoys two different seasons during the year, one is the dry season and the other one is monsoon. Monsoon is witnessed in Cambodia in the months of May to October. This period of monsoon usually experiences the southwesterly winds that manage to bring 5 to 80% of the yearly rainfall. The rain during this period is often paired with bursts and lightening. In the month of May and June, the temperature stays high and the monsoon from the southwest brings humidity which can lead to stick weather.

The other season which is the dry season is witnessed in the months of November to April with the temperature ranging from 27°C to 40°C.

A high amount of heat can be felt during the period of months from February to April. During this time, the temperature might rise even up to 40°C, especially in the month of April.

The coziest and coolest time is from the month of October to January.


The people from Cambodia are considered as the most hardworking people in the world. Despite of facing a hard history of wars and poverty, the Cambodian people are quite friendly, grateful and welcoming. They are courteous people that smile and laugh very often.

The official language of Cambodia is Khmer. This language is followed and spoken by a majority of the Cambodian population. There is also a usage of several Chinese and Vietnamese dialects by the people of Cambodia. Khmer is considered as a non tonal language unlike many others and has derived many of its words from Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese and French.

The country is inhabited by a population of 12 million people, 90% of which belong to the Khmer group. There are various other groups like Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese and Thai. Also, there are a number of hill tribes too that are mainly concentrated in the mountainous regions.


Cambodia has come through a tough past of wars and struggle. The country has seen years of decline. But it is still the land of some of the most exotic and scenic vistas which are famous worldwide and have been visited by the global tourists throughout the year. There are a number of places in Cambodia, which are quite renowned for their scenic beauty all around the world. The most eminent from these places is the Angkor Wat which is one of the eight wonders of the world. The country’s economy depends on the tourism as one of the source of revenue and this is because of the global recognition of Cambodia and it’s natural wonders.

Other famous tourist attractions in Cambodia are Angkor Thom, Bayon, Choeung Ek, Royal Palace of Phnom Penh and many more.

The tourist spots invite the international tourism to the country, offering a wide variety of spontaneous and adventures activities and mouth watering cuisines.

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