Popa – Salay Travel Guide



  • Discover the beauties of Mount Popa or called Mt Olympus 1500 meter which is located 48 km from Bagan southeast with passing through Burmese villages of palms, peanut, corn, etc
  • Conquer the summit of mountain by hiking trails leading to the rim of the volcano and get the viewpoints and waterfalls
  • Observe the different views of clouds, plateau, vegetation thanks to the rich volcano soil to get more experience of natural beauties
  • Have the combination with Salay with beautiful temples and monasteries as well as have more discoveries of the ancient monastery


Myanmar is one of the most loved travel destinations for the reasons of a purity injected in the culture of the country. People in Myanmar are soaked with the olden culture of their country even in the modern time which is a great add-on in its natural beauty. Myanmar is packed with loads of exquisite cultural tour destinations and people flock to Bagan during their trip to Myanmar.

Bagan is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Myanmar and from there, people usually take a turn back to their respective accommodations but two of the least visited but exotic tourist spots are also located near Bagan, often unvisited.

Popa – Salay Travel Guide is here to acquaint you with these two exquisite tourist sights of Myanmar.

An hour downstream along the Irrawaddy River, at the south of Bagan is a provincial market. The market is a great place to buy mementos at bargain prices. A further 30-minute walk along the road will lead you to the old village of Salay.

The village of Salay holds the most exotic scenic beauty of Myanmar. Salay mainly is the land of monasteries and pagodas. Popa – Salay Travel Guide suggests you to take a tour around this ancient village, to witness a great deal of architectural beauties. The great ancient monasteries and pagodas are still well taken care and maintained by the monks of Salay. 

There is a lot in Salay that you can capture in your cameras to adore for a lifetime.

As per the Popa – Salay Travel Guide, there are a number of monasteries in Salay that depict different culture, like the famous Yok Sone Kyaung Monastery which is a great display of Burmese culture. Also there is Man Paya Pagoda, which possesses architecture that displays Buddhism. Also there is a museum dedicated to Burmese literature.

Continuing your stroll out of the town, you will come across Mount Popa which is an ancient extinct volcano, around 1500 meters up the slopes. Climbing Mount Popa can give you the most thrilling experience of your life as from the top of it, you can witness the vistas of Salay. 

To the Southwest of Mount Popa is a monastery called Taung Kalat which is built somewhere on the top of Mount Popa and its scenic beauty is breathtaking.

As per the Popa – Salay Travel Guide, the monastery is a great symbolization of the religious history of Mount Popa. 

If you’re looking for a serene tourist place with fewer crowds then Popa – Salay Travel Guide suggests you to take this off route to these two spectacular places so that you can have an amazing memory for life.

The trip is an easy route from Bagan and can be wound up even in a day’s time. The availability of cabs is easy from Bagan and you can easily add charms to your trip to Myanmar by visiting these exotic places.

Mount Popa and Salay can be your great experience with the cultural and religious sights and you can always seek the help of Popa – Salay Travel Guide in planning your tours and trips.


  • Have a tour to climb Mount Popa which is well worth effort and conquer the summit of mountain with the dramatic view. Especially on clear day, it is wonderful for witness views stretching far distance with Bagan and Irrawaddy River. Plus on the way visitor can see the beautiful views of the Popa Taung Kalat Monastery, impressive array of flora and fauna with different birds and butterflies as well as colors and sizes
  • Discover the sacred Popa Taung Kalat monastery with a huge rocky outcrop on the top to enjoy the monastery entirely surrounded by sheer cliff faces with the stunning views for the plains and itself mountain
  • Visit Yoke-son Monastery decorated with wood-carvings scenes for more discovery of an ancient monastery and Lacquer ware Buddha Image in different styles
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