Vietnam is a land of multiple contrasts and infamous history. Its slogan hidden charm doesn’t necessarily do itself justice as the majority of the times travelers will turn an alley and be greeted by a new sight smell or experience which they have never seen before.

It is also a land of contrasts. From rising mountains to sleepy beaches, mega metropolises to backwards villages and Rolls Royces to Rickshaw moments. Vietnam truly is a destination to open ones eyes and keep them guessing the majority of times. The long thin S shaped country means that Vietnam offers a variety of climates ensuring that it is a year round destination. Tropical South gives way to white beaches before hitting the mountainous North with rice paddy pastures. Vietnam has something to offer for everyone.


Sorry, who?

Nguyen is the most popular surname in Vietnam, used by almost 40% of the entire population.

Something for the palate

There are a variety of unusual foods for sale from snake wine to fetus eggs.

Caffeine fix?

Coffee paradise, Vietnam is the worlds 2nd largest coffee producer accounting for 16% of all global production



Vietnamese Dong




Hello: Xin Chao

Thank you: Cảm ơn

Weather Averages

Vietnam is a year round destination with a seasonal North and tropical South. No matter what month you will find the perfect location to visit

Getting There

Vietnam is easily reached by plane and land borders. Most visitors land at Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi and then make their way North or South retrospectively

Discover Vietnam


Weather and when to go


Vietnam is a long thin country spanning many kilometers North to South. When it comes to the weather this means that you have to divide the country into the North, South and Central in order to decipher the trends.


North Vietnam: North Vietnam enjoys seasons similar to Europe but on a hotter scale.


June – September: Weather is hot and expats head to the mountains to cool down

October – December: Sunny with some fog and mist

January – Feburary: The coldest months

March to June: Weather increasingly hotter as days progress to summer.


Best time to visit: October and November where the temperature averages 21℃, there is minimal rain and lashings of sunshine.


Central Vietnam:

January – May: Spring time, perhaps the best time to visit this region

June – August: Summer and peak temperatures

September – October: Short downpours, almost an introduction to the rainy season

November – December: Wet season


Best time to visit: Spring time where you can can visit the most attractive cities in relative comfort


Southern Vietnam: Tropical climates and daily downpours. Tempratures high and seldomly drop below 20℃


December – April: Dry season

May – November: Afternoons downpours for roughly one hour per day. No need to worry!


Best time to visit: Feb-April, Aug-Oct where the weather is more moderate and rainfall at a minimum.


Getting Around Vietnam


Vietnam is used to tourists and has a variety of transport methods to get you around the country and onwards to other destinations


Plane: There are a number of budget airlines connecting the main cities in Vietnam. Travellers regularly opt to fly rather than take the train due to the quality, speed and budget flying is still cheap


Train: Trains take time and vary in quality. One tip is to try and take a private cabin as the Vietnamese tend to book one bed in a room and bring their whole family in


Buses: Tourist buses are cheap and tend to have comfortable seating while night buses have lying down seats. Remember that most transportation is built for the Vietnamese frame.


Taxis/Uber: There are a number of reputable taxi firms in Vietnam which operate on the meter. However tourists usually fall for the extremely inflated prices and rigged meters. Our top tip is to use apps such as Uber and Grab in the main cities as then you are paying truly local prices.


Health and Safety


Vietnam is generally a safe country even for the solo traveler and woman. The most hasstle you will usually receive is from a street vendor being too pushy or a taxi driver attempting to rip you off.


Such instances should be không cám ơn (no thank you) and a walk away. It is worth learning this little bit of Vietnamese as more foreign people don’t get past thank you and a no thanks in their native language seems to go a long way with street vendors.


Visa Information:


Please check with your local embassy with regards to your visa requirements.


Some countries are entitled to 2 weeks free entry.


Some have to apply for a Visa Application letter before arrival in Vietnam and then go through the process of paying a stamp fee at the airport itself


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