Kingdom of wonder

Defined by its unique history Cambodia is a South East Asian destination all of its own.

The mighty Angkor Wat rises from the jungle, where you can explore the multitude of temples and talk to the many monks readily available to offer you luck along the way. It is one of those special destinations that is a must see once in your life and certainly worth a detour to.


However Cambodia has much more to offer than this imposing complex that is even featured on its flag. Head a bit further and you will me greeted by historical cities, confronted by Cambodia’s past and made to relax on Cambodian beaches away from the Thailand tourist trap.


Cambodia's Flag

The Cambodian flag is the only one in the world to feature a building, the magnificent Angkor Wat

Young population

63% of Cambodia’s population is under 30 years old due to the tragic genocide of the 1970’s

Creepy Crawlies

Tarantulas, crickets, snakes and a variety of creepy crawlies are readily available on street food stalls



United States Dollar or Cambodian Riel


Many plugs accept multiple connections however 230V/50Hz is most commonly used


Sues-Day – Hello

Aw-koon – Thankyou


Cambodia is defined by its wet and dry season. Dry can be insufferably hot whilst the wet may make traveling to your destination difficult (but can be very cheap). Your best bet is to hit the shoulder seasons!


There are multiple international airports and land borders enabling visitors to enter Cambodia. The majority of  tourists enter via Siem Reap due to its proximity to Angkor Wat. Phenom Penh Airport services the capital and Sihanoukville services the beach!


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Weather in Cambodia


March – May: Temperatures rising but still relatively comfortable to explore. The main cities can regularly reach highs of 35℃


June – October: Rainy season. As Cambodia is so flat this may present some difficulties as you travel throughout the country. This is also low season where you can grab yourself a bargain price


November – February: Peak season with the weather being dry and mild enough to explore the temples in relative comfort.


Top tip: In Angkor Wat due to some tourists removing scarfs which originally covered their shoulder and knees for photos, security at the most important sites in the complex now require visitors to cover up with non easily removable clothing, such as a t-shirt. Tourists with only scarfs are regularly turned away disappointed.


Getting Around Cambodia


Cambodia is used to tourists and has a variety of transport methods to get you around the country and onwards to other destinations.


Plane: There are 2 main airports which tourists usually fly to. Siem Reap which is where Angkor Wat is located and Phnom Penh the capital and closer to the Southern Islands.


Buses: Tourist buses are cheap and generally comfortable. Ibis is one of the man bus lines that run the arterial route between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. You are able to book ahead via their website and select your seat of choice.


Taxis/tuk tuk: Taxis and moto tuk tuks are readily available in most areas. Moto tuk tuks (a motorbike with trailer at the back) usually start at $1 per journey and in Siem Reap town should be no higher than $3. They are also able to offer tours around sights such as Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields. Our best advice is before you set off onto the street ask your hotel reception what the price should be before negotiating.


Top Top: Cambodian people are not hard hagglers. Keep a smile and enjoy the conversation.


Health and Safety


Tourism is extremely important to Cambodia and destinations such as Siem Reap’s economy is purely made from the industry. This means that Siem Reap is safe for the traveler and the locals are generally friendly. Some scams however are an issue such as ladies with small children who say they just want you to buy milk formula. In fact they are working with the store and will instantly give the formula back and take a commission.


You do have to watch out for some forms of crime such as snatching of handbags and phones from passing motorcycles. Instances like these are quite common in Phnom Penh and you should remain vigilant at all times.


Visa Information:


Please check with your local embassy with regards to your visa requirements.


Allot of individuals are entitled to a visa upon arrival. Ensure that you bring the visa fee usually $30 in cash along with a passport photo.


Upon arrival in Siem Reap proceed to the immigration area and fill out the necessary forms which are usually on the tables in the middle of the room.


E-Visas can also be arranged.


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