Ninh Binh Travel Guide

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  • Enjoy Halong on land because of romantic natural beauty and limestones formation which make visitor amazing
  • Discover the ecosystem with the amazing abundance of flora and fauna at Van Long Natural Reserve, Cuc Phuong National Park, a huge of caves, lakes, grottoes, etc
  • Discover the natural beauties at Tam Coc cave and Trang An grottoes to get further experiences of landscapes and vestiges
  • Visit Bai Dinh pagoda which is well known as Vietnam’s biggest pagoda for its great size and imposingness and one of most Vietnam Popular Destinations with Southeast Asia records
  • Taste special dishes of Ninh Binh especially goat meat which label for this land for goat meat and dry rice


Ninh Binh Travel Guide helps the tourists in planning their tour to Ninh Binh. The steep sided cliffs and dramatic landscapes make the city different from others. There are many wonderful things which show the historical and beautiful Vietnamese architecture.

The landscapes make the Ninh Binh an interesting and spectacular place for the visitors. Trang An landscape is the located at the southern bank of the Red River Delta. The landscape is surrounded by the troung yen, Hoa Lu and Bich Dong Mountain ranges. Trang An Grottoes consists of number of caves. Visitors can explore these caves by boat. The visitors can take the information about any place of Ninh Binh from Ninh Binh Travel Guide.

Tam Coc Karst of Ninh Binh is the most impressive place of the Vietnam. Visitors can explore the area by boats or by bicycle. The fields with green and yellow rice make the place very impressive to everyone. The visit to the Tam Coc by boat basically takes three hours along the turns and twists of Ngo Dong River. Most of the visitors come to see Karst tower and to enjoy the rich beauty of this cliffs of Tam Coc.

Bich Dong Pagoda is a famous tourist destination of Ninh Binh. The temples of Bich Dong Caves are famous for the decorative entrances. The hanging pillars from the beautiful roofs of the caves provide plenty of charming experience to the visitors. Writings about the place attract the most of visitors.

Phat Diem church is one of the most tourists’ destinations. The design of this stone cathedral put a great influence the visitors. The roofs of the church is made in the pagoda style can be seen in the building. The various lavish shaped carvings around the curves give a fascinating look to the church.

The Cuc Phuong National Park is a lovely area of Ninh Binh and visited by the most of the visitors. The wide varieties of animals make the visit to the park more interesting. The turtle center of the park is the habitat of many wonderful animals. The ape rescue center is located at the entrance of the national park. Visitors can see different species of the primates in the park. The night tour of the park is really interesting but also full of danger.

Van Long Reserve is also a beautiful tourist’s destination in Ninh Binh. It is located in Gia Vien district of Ninh Binh. Van Long is the largest natural reserve of wetlands. It consists of beautiful grotto such as Chanh Grotto, Rua Grotto, Bong Grotto, Ca Grotto etc. visitors come here to see the unique beauty all these grottoes. The ceiling of the grottoes has the pillars of different designs of various animals and fish. There are approximately 457 species of plants, 39 species of animals. Some of the animals like ratsnake, king cobra, lizard etc. visitors can see all these while visiting to Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh is a beautiful destination in Vietnam. Everyone should visit this place and experience the beauty of nature. Ninh Binh Travel Guide can provide the complete information about the different places of Ninh Binh.


  • Make a rowing boat on river to discover the natural limestones and karst beauties at Tam Coc cave and Trang An Grottoes or cycle around the countryside to enjoy the beauties of this land
  • Discover the natural specialties while visiting Van Long Natural Reserve and see wild animal at this area
  • Cycling to discover the forest values at Cuc Phuong National Park and see old trees as well as hill tribe villages in the forest
  • Learn more Vietnam history while visiting Hoa Lu Temple where worship two famous Kings of Vietnam in history and this land is the old capital
  • Discover more of religion in Vietnam with famous Bai Dinh pagoda in combination 1 day trip with Trang An Grottoes
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