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  • Discover a UNESCO World Heritage site in Central Vietnam with traditional values of last dynasty reign of Vietnam still remains here
  • See stunning scenery of idyllic countryside and handicraft villages surrounding city centre
  • Enjoy the charming and picturesque scenery when boating along Perfume River to visit famous Thien Mu pagoda or downstream to Hen Island for getting fishing life on river and countryside life
  • Enjoy traditional festivals which are revived on Hue Festival every two years (of odd year) normally end of April to early May which an opportunity to learn back the traditional customs and culture from Nguyen Royal
  • Explore the unique constructions of Mausoleums of Nguyen Kings with different styles as oriental and western of Gia Long, Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Tu Duc
  • Heading out the city by bicycle is the great way to discover the uncover cultural elements and countryside beauties which you can missed when being on car
  • Experience to be a royal family, a King and a Queen when tasting Royal Dinner at restaurant and enjoy traditional Royal music
  • Get the adventure to A Luoi forest to discover more of primate forest with rare animal “Sao La” and Bach Ma National Park with spectacular of Do Quyen Waterfall and fauna & flora colorfully


Hue is the famous tourist’s destination in Vietnam. Hue is the political, cultural and religious center of Vietnam. It is located at the panel of Song Houng Perfume River. Hue has been considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Hue is at the top in the list of travel destinations in Vietnam. The city consists of the outstanding pagodas, tombs and complex of monuments which attracts most of the tourists from all over the world. The history and discoveries of exotic cultures makes the place tourists destination.

There are many ancient emperors’ tombs in Hue which visitors can see while visiting in Vietnam. The various tombs of the city are On Cam Hill, Dong Khanh, Minh Mang Tomb and Khai Dinh and many more.

The pagodas of the place are most famous. Thein pagoda is the most famous pagoda of the place. The pagoda is in the southern part of Vietnam. The temple of pagoda with the statue of Buddha Maitreya is the main thing to visit. It is still hosting many Buddhism monks. Phuoc Duyen Tower of the pagoda takes the more attention of the tourists. The huge wooden statues with 3 door gates at the middle, where Dai Hung Palace is very beautiful. The visitors can approach this place by boat.

There are many ancient tombs and monuments in Hue. The visitors can see these beautiful things. The visitors have a chance to lie under the sun and enjoy by taking a bath on the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam. The blue water of Ocean with the white sand gives a wonderful view to everyone. The visitors can experience the full enjoy of the place by relaxing at the sand in the sunshine. Everyone can make their visit to Hue with Hue Travel Guide.   

Food is the basic need of everyone. Hue give a very noble, elegant and different dine to their visitors from the other places of Vietnam. The decorating and cooking style of the region is very impressive for everyone. Chili is a most important from all the spices of the place. The most of the dishes of the place are those which were given to the emperors at the ancient time. Rice with clams is a modest and low priced dish. The sweet-smelled flavour with the butter, spices, grease, sour and baby clams etc. give the rich taste to the dish. One should not miss this while on a visit to Vietnam. The sweet soups of the place are extraordinary; Che Dau Van Bot Loc is a soup of bean and rice pastry and eaten by the most of the visitors.

My Son Sanctuary is also a tourist’s destination. The place has a great importance in the cultural and political history of the region. The champa kingdom of the region was influenced by the Hindu religion, which was introduced from the temples and Indian subcontinent.

A visit of Perfume River on the boat gives the experience of splendid scenery of place. The visitors can enjoy and can watch the royal art performance. Hue Travel Guide helps everyone to plan their trip to Hue.


  • Boating along Perfume River to experience the tranquil atmosphere and fresh air of this romantic river in Hue city
  • Taking beautiful photos of Perfume River at Vong Canh Hill and pine trees which bring visitor the romantic scenery
  • Having a cycling trip to countryside villages surroundings to discover the beauties of scenery and handicraft villages enjoyment
  • Making a full day trip to visit the city with the complex of Nguyen Kings’ mausoleums and the Forbidden Purple City to know more of the last dynasty in Vietnam as well as architecture and cultures value still remains until now
  • Have a trekking trip to Bach Ma National Park to discover more eco system, flora and fauna diversity as well as conquer the spectacular Do Quyen waterfall with walk down the bottom 689 steps and then walk up to admire the silver waterfall unique and see the beautiful flower with the same name along stream banks
  • Relaxing on nice sandy beach of Lang Co which offers the tranquil atmosphere and fresh air
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