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  • Once come Phuket where is called the Pearl of the Andaman and offers a lot of interesting things for tourists discover this amazing island to touch the natural charms including primary beaches, islands, jungles, etc
  • Enjoy the wealth of cultural and historical attractions, farms, national parks, temples which make this land more diversity
  • Pleasure for adventure travelers when taking a motorbike or car trip to explore Phuket and experience this land by your own ways


People are filled with the love for travelling. No matter which corner of the world we reside in, there is always a thing for travelling and exploring places in each one of us. Where some people are obsessed with travelling the world, others travel for leisure and fun.

Out of many promising tourist spots in the world, Thailand is considered to be the most versatile land for the tourism lovers. Where one side of Thailand depicts the over grown modern culture, the other side depicts pure culture and religion.

Here, Phuket Travel Guide brings to you the most famous tourist destination of Thailand- Phuket Province! 

As per Phuket Travel Guide, from a large number of attractions offered by the provinces and cities of Thailand, Phuket is the most famous destination. Phuket is the largest and widest province of Thailand, situated at the coastline of Andaman Sea. The huge area of Phuket is further divided into four regions, Western Phuket, Southeastern Phuket, Interior Phuket and Small Islands.

Phuket, Thailand’s largest island is also baptized as ‘The pearl of the Andaman’.

Phuket Travel Guide considers Phuket as the most appealing destination for having a blend of fun experiences. Mountainous from the inside, Phuket owns captivating beaches at its coasts. Being the largest province of Thailand, Phuket also is the wealthiest province of the country as it attracts a lot of tourism.

The beaches of Phuket are always brimmed up with people as there are a lot of baits that the beaches offer to the tourists. The long and sandy beaches of Phuket are a perfect place to relax under the sun. The most famous and longest beach in Phuket is Patong beach. The lovers of water sports can go for parasailing and jet skiing, to add on to their adventure. For the sake of a relaxed outing at the beach, one can also go for a soothing Thai massage. As the day ends at the beach, the thrilling nightlife starts at the beaches. Patong beach is also the mainland for the nightlife in Phuket. 

Phuket Travel Guide enrolls the following places in a list of best places to visit, on your trip to Phuket.

While being at the beaches, you can enjoy swimming, sailing and the water sports. The mountainous regions of Phuket are famous for elephant trekking.

Thai boxing, a famous sport of Thailand, can be enjoyed by watching the Muay Thai Boxing games at Phuket. There also are a number of small shops lined up near the beaches to buy mementos or small decorative pieces. Shopping can also be enjoyed at the huge Jung Ceylon shopping centre near Patong.

A large cultural theme park, Phuket Fantasea, offers great night entertainment to the tourists.

Away from the glittery life of Phuket, near the Bangkok Bank of Commerce, is the Shrine of Serene Light. The shrine is a perfect stop for those who seek solace and peace. The shrine is festooned with flowers and candles all the time.

So, taken as a whole, a trip to Phuket will surely be a blend of pleasant experiences and for any help about the trip, you can always count on Phuket Travel Guide.


  • Make a leisure on the stunning beach to endure the beauties of nature as well as fresh yourself on nice beach
  • It is worth for visiting island around Phuket to discover the unspoiled and undeveloped area to reach the local life, plus ideal islands for snorkeling and diving to see pristine clear water and amazing coral reefs
  • Visit Koh Phi Phi Island with separate into two island Koh Phi Phi Don & Koh Phi Phi Ley to get the most gorgeous beaches and immerse the magnificent limestone karst rock formations. Also many other islands such as Coral Island Koh Yao island, Racha Island, etc for more experience when you have more time
  • Phuket offers abundant natural attractions, interesting gardens, animal zoo as well as farm to make a day trip to visit beach in different ways of adventure, exotic and wonderful beautiful creatures
  • Make a visit to Phuket Aquarium and Butterfly Garden and Insect World to have mire discovery the special in this area and its beauties in combination to Gibbo Rehabilitation centre and crocodile and Tiger world
  • Phuket offers many other attractions such as National Parks and waterfall to discover natural beauties, temples as well as cultural and historical attractions for knowing more of local life, history and religion, etc
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