Pattaya Travel Guide


  • Be one of the famous destinations in Thailand for its beach’s beauties and entertainment here which less city can have
  • Own a famous beach with blue sea water and a lot of luxury resorts and join sea activities, especially beaches in south cities with exciting activities at night
  • Be a wonderful place for discovering remote islands such as Ko Larn also called Coral Island with soft sandy beaches and experience water sports
  • Offer many other attractive places for visiting including Pattaya Aquarium, Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Park, Siracha Tiger Zoo, ect


A vacation to Thailand is always looked upon as an awe-inspiring experience if you ask a travel devotee because Thailand is one of the best tourism destinations worldwide.

The reason why Thailand gained its fame as one of the most loved tourist destination is the fact that the country is packed with a profusion of luring sights and the most obvious reason for the food lovers is the famous cuisine of Thailand.

Pattaya Travel Guide is here to get you acquainted with one such stunning tour destination in Thailand, the famous city named Pattaya!

Pattaya is one of the most famous and loved cities of Thailand. Situated near the bay Ao Pattaya, the coastal city Pattaya is just 62 miles to the Southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is well-known for the vibrant nightlife that it offers its tourists and thus the city never sleeps.

With the help of Pattaya Travel Guide, you can explore the city day in and day out and will never miss even a jiffy of fun as we plan out everything for the comfort of your trip.

During the day time, the beaches of the city are all crammed up with tourists and local habitants. The vivacious beaches of Pattaya offer you great attractions in the form of water sports. You can spend a great amount of your day at the beaches of Pattaya under the sun, just relaxing and playing at the waters.

As the sun sets at the beaches, the tour lovers budge to the streets of Pattaya to savor the nightlife. The streets of Pattaya are packed with resorts, clubs and entertainment spots. The thrilling nightlife engages partying and drinking that persists till the daybreak.

As per Pattaya Travel Guide, Pattaya is one of the most happening cities of Thailand.

Pattaya is also famed for its red light areas and bars but it is a blend of cultures as there are places to go for family outings as well, like Hat Jomtien. Considering its growth as a tourist spot and construction of reputed large hotels, Pattaya is turning out to be mini-Bangkok.

Pattaya Travel Guide has enlisted some interesting places to visit on your vacation to Pattaya. 

Sanctuary of Truth, a shrine which is made entirely of wood, is a religious and cultural monument. From the shrine, you can witness the picturesque oceanic scenes. The shrine reflects four cultures – Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian which is a great blend to observe. Another remarkable sight is Khao Phra Tanmak where a colossal seated statue of Buddha is placed at the top of the hill giving a religious sense to this modern city.

7 kilometers away from Pattaya, is a small island named Hat Ko Lan which gets flooded with people who want to spend their day time at the beaches. You can visit the island by way of ferries.

So, all in all, Pattaya offers a great deal of attractions to the tourists and fun lovers. There are beaches, water sports, luring sea food and memorable experiences of night life. If you’re planning on a trip to Pattaya, you can count on Pattaya Travel Guide for any sort of help.


  • Make a boat trip and have a snorkeling to see coral and relax on soft sandy beaches which is a best way to enjoy fresh atmosphere
  • Should enjoy famous Pattaya Road & Cabared Show or Alcaza Show, Tiffany Show which make tourists remember Pattaya
  • Go shopping at famous malls both small and large with souvenir shops which are very convenient while visiting and combine shopping
  • Should not miss tour to Pattaya Aquarium, Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Parks, Siracha Tiger Zoo, ect for more experience at this famous beach city
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort is well known to those who want to take in an impressive Thai Cultural Show
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