Krabi Travel Guide


  • Krabi is the home of most famous beach destinations in Thailand where visitors spend time for relaxing and discover the diversity undersea
  • Railay is one of the best beaches of the country where promises of white sandy beaches with clear blue water which bring visitors to as a paradise
  • Krabi offers many attractions to visit and discover the wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and hot springs as well as ice-cold waterfalls are all close by while one of the world’s most beautiful islands Koh Phi Phi is merely 45 minutes away from the mainland.
  • Have a look though the list of Krabi highlights and you will be surprised at just how much there is to see in this charming province including Chicken Island (Koh Kai or Hua Khwan), Crystal Lagoon of Thung Teao Forest, Diamond Cave, Hat Nopparat Thara National Park, Hidden Lagoon (Sa Phra Nang), Khao Khanab Nam, Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, Krabi Hot Springs (Klong Thom), Krabi Town, Phi Phi island, etc


For the travel lovers, Thailand has proved out to be a perfect tourist spot as it offers with abundant picturesque and exquisite tourist spots to vacation at. Thailand is an owner of many beautiful cities like Bangkok and Phuket, which are globally famed and are loved by tourists.

Also there are many other small cities of Thailand which you should definitely visit during your trip to Thailand because the essence of minimalism and purity of culture can be seen in these small cities and towns. One of such cities is the Krabi Town. 

Krabi Travel Guide brings to you the pleasant details about this small yet beautiful town called Krabi. 

The small town of Krabi is flooded with guesthouses and thus, the stay there can be as cozy as you desire it to be. Also, there is a plethora of western restaurants and small gift galleries which are famous for selling antique ornaments.

As per Krabi Travel Guide, near Krabi are a lot of tourist attractions as well which you can visit and are a day-trip from Krabi.

Tiger cave temple is a rambling hill and cave temple complex, situated 8 km to the northwest of Krabi. A small round track from the temple takes you to the Central Sanctuary which is the best part of the temple complex, through the forest valley. There are several limestone caves, altars and Buddha images. To take the tourists to the 600 m long kart peak, there is an arduous staircase of around 1237 stairs. The stairs lead the tourists to the statue of Buddha, a golden stupa and awe-inspiring vistas.

Another historical natural site is the Khao Khanap Nam, where you can reach through a boat-trail.

There are also a lot of fun-activities at Krabi, which you can carry out to make your trip much more adventurous and amusing. Cineplex and Karaoke can be visited for entertainment.

Jungle trek and hiking can be opted for. Along the mangrove forests, Karabi bay and Khao Khanap Nam, tourists can go for the mangrove cruise along the sea. Krabi also offers different cuisines, like the famous Thai cuisine, which is famous globally for its hot and spicy flavors. Also, while in Krabi, you can have Italian and Chinese cuisines as well.

A famous thing about Krabi Town is a fair organized by its municipal authorities. This fair is famous for its cultural exhibitions and products. Local mementos can be bought from the fair and also you can taste local fluidity in the fair.

Krabi also owns pubs and bars for the sake of a great nightlife experience. So, all in all, Krabi is a small town, packed with the splendor of Thai culture and a great spot for the tourists coming from around the world. If you plan to spend a vacation in Thailand, then Krabi should undoubtedly be on your list of places that you should visit as the town of Krabi is a blend of cultural and religious experiences of Thailand.


  • The first enjoy at Krabi is relax on nice sandy beaches especially Railay beach. Also have the combine of rock climbing here to adventure Railay’s karst peaks draw adventures when try their hand at climbing the towering limestone cliffs
  • Make a whitewater rafting, kayaking and snorkeling to see coral reef to discover more natural beauties and undersea diversity
  • Make a speedboat to 4 islands in Krabi of Phra Nang Cave, Tup Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island for having swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, exploring and photography are the main activities to enjoy. Also have chance to see a rich variety of corals and fish, crystal-clear waters and white powdery beaches lined with coconut palms.
  • Visit Phi Phi Islands by speedboat in 1 day to Bamboo Island, Hin Klang, Monkey Beach, Tonsai Bay, Viking Cave, Pi Leh Bay and Maya Bay with only 45 minutes away from Krabi on speedboat.
  • Make a full day city tour in Krabi Town and its surroundings to get more experience the charming at this city with sightseeing of Tiger Cave Wat Tham Sua, Tapom Nemo Fish Farm and Nopparat Thara Beach with the enjoy the scenery and observe the local lifestyle
  • Make an elephant trekking and river camp of 7 km from Ao Nang where the natural surroundings provide permanent shade and abundant water for the animals all year round, your elephant trek will take you along a river running through the camp and into the forest at the foot of the mountain
  • Relax on Ao Phra Nang called Princess Bay, Ao Nang is the most popular beach town in Krabi.
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