Kampot Travel Guide


  • Enjoy the beauties by the charming riverside town with the relaxed atmosphere and see more of French architecture
  • Kampot is an excellent site for discovering Bokor National Park for more exploration of fauna and flora
  • Relax on famous beach and several superb cave-temples to get the spectacular sunsets and splendid seafood


Kampot is a famous town of Cambodia and also the center of attraction for the visitors. The town have coastal strip of 80 km and located in the southwest of CambodiaKampot Travel Guide provides the information about each and every tourist place which helps every visitor to plan their trip to Kampot.

Rabbit Island, Kep Beach and Bokor hill station and many countryside tours are the most popular tourist’s attraction in Vietnam. Visitors can enjoy by visiting caves, river cruises, fishing trips, bicycling tours, jungle trekking, bamboo train rides, and beautiful beaches and also by visiting the pepper plantations of the region.

Kampot is a small town situated on the Tuk Chhou River. Farming and fishing are the main sources of earning. The town is famous for its quality of fruits such as mango, coconut and durian, the region is also known for the abundant growth of melons. The visitor can also experience a unique quality of pepper in the town.

The fresh climate of the town is very charming and attracts most of the visitors to spend their vacation in KampotMost of the tourists come here to see the sites of ancient French colonial architecture that are still on charming and good conditions.

Bokor hill station is one of the best tourist destinations of Kampot. Visitors can see the scars of many ancient battles which were fought there. The hill station has a collection of many old buildings constructed by the French authorities. Everyone will surely remember the amazing scenery and beautiful experience of a ride on the road that lead to the hill station. Visitors can visit the black palace of bokor. The palace has a large statue of a female Buddhist religion.

The caves of Kampot are the famous attractions for the visitors who like sightseeing trip. There are many limestone caves which are very beautiful to see. Some caves have elephant shaped rocks and other contains exotic rock formations and almost every cave treated as a Buddhist shrine. An experience to visit the white elephant cave of the kampot is also very interesting for the visitors. Visitors will find a limestone formation that resembles the shape an elephant. Visitors can get a beautiful countryside view during the monsoon. Everyone should not miss the chance to visit these interesting caves.

The market of the Kampot is very popular and attracts the most of visitors. The shops sell various handcrafted things. Visitors can also buy the corals which are very famous in Kampot. The corals are washed until it become white and after that sold to the locals and foreign visitors.

Kep Thmey is one of the most popular tourist’s attractions of Kampot. It is a natural wildlife park. There are also other wildlife parks in Kampot like phnom seda, phnom chhnok, daung orn and phnom daung. The park has different types of animals such as gibbons, tigers and many birds which give a colourful view to the visitors. Visitors also have a chance to see the various species of plants and trees.

Everyone can take the help of Kampot Travel Guide for any the information regarding any place of Kampot.


  • Get early in morning and make a view of sunrise at summit of Bokor Hill station for experience its landscpes
  • Discover the beauties of Phnom Ta caves with the special of limestones, cave, chimney as in rock formations
  • Visit handicraft villages made from sea shells and experience its craft in combination Bokor National Park for more soaking to natural beauties
  • Relax at resort and enjoy the fresh air on nice sandy beach
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